Monday, December 26, 2011

RIP, Spin Cycle

Let's hope the owners of Spin Cycle, Wicker Park's largest Laundromat, work out a deal with the management company of the strip mall where they rent space because this place is essential. And now it appears closed.

This morning, we awoke early post-holiday, seized by a desire to 'get our act together,' and be productive. Among exciting tasks, laundry was at the very top of our list.

RIP, Spin Cycle. :(

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Janik's cafe would love your vote

Happy holidays! Since we started the website at we've been strangely absent on blogspot, and I know we all need another voting thing like another pound of fat on our bodies post-latkes and sugar cookies and whatnot, but Janik’s Cafe is awesome, along with its owners whom I’ve been popping in on since ’07 and once helped them to make a Myspace page, so here we are five years later on Facebook or WordPress or whatever-the-heck-virtual land this is, and Wayne of Janik’s sent an email to us earlier today indicating that they would be so grateful it we could help to spread the word on the fact they could use a few more votes in the Best Holiday Display on Division St. contest sponsored by Do Division, the annual shopping extravaganza which takes place on, where else, but Division Street.
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