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Wicker Park's Park News- The April Edition


THE PARTNERS - Working Together To Create a Better Park
The Chicago Park District www.chicagoparkdistrict.com
Wicker Park Advisory Council www.ourwickerpark.org
Wicker Park Garden Club www.wpgarden.org
Wicker Park Committee www.wickerparkcommittee.org
Soft Ball League http://16inchwicker.blogspot.com/
A.N. Pritzker School http://pritzkerschool.org/
A.N. Pritzker Pre-School www.friendsofpritzker.org
Little Kickers www.chitownfutbol.com
Bucktown Music www.bucktownmusic.com
Jazzercise www.jazzercise.com

CONTACT FOR DOG PARK CLEANING A.housley@sbcglobal.net

PARTNERS FOR EARTH DAY - April 17 - 10am-noon
Chicago Park District www.ChicagoParkDistrict.com
Wicker Park Garden Club www.WPGarden.org
PsychoBaby www.Psychobaby.net
Friends of the Parks www.fotp.org

PARTNERS FOR BIG MULCH DAY - April 24 - 9am-2pm
Property Consultants www.propertyconsultants.com
Urban Encounter johnshirk@fgbc.org
Missio Dei Chicago www.missiodeichicago.com
Covenant Presbyterian Church www.covenantchicago.org
Wicker Park Garden Club www.wpgarden.org
Wicker Park Advisory Council www.ourwickerpark.org
Chicago Park District www.chicagoparkdistrict.com

ART CLASSES in the Park for Children Ages 6-12
Contact Lara Kastner - larakastner@gmail.com or sign up in Park

Our Urban Times www.oururbantimes.com
The Pipeline www.chicago-pipeline.com

WPB #33 www.wickerparkbucktown.org
Parkways Foundation www.parkways.org
Friends of the Parks www.fotp.org
Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber www.wickerparkbucktown.com
The Care of Trees www.thecareoftrees.com
Clinical Device Group www.clinicaldevice.com
Meeting Tomorrow www.meetingtomorrow.com

32nd Ward Scott Waguespack www.scottforchicago.com
1st Ward Joe Moreno www.flores1stward.com

Call for Volunteers: Garden Walk 2010

The Bucktown Community Organization needs lots of volunteers to organize activities for the Garden Walk Weekend of July 10-11. If you are a gardener and want to sign up, or someone who would like to be involved in this event, please join in on the regular meetings taking place on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 7pm in Club Lucky's Club Room at 1824 W Wabansia. For more information, please contact Eva Bergant at: Eva@Bucktown.org.

Following are images from last year's Garden Walk.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Katie Explains the Huge Sale

If it's not Six Corners, What Is it?

Reader Tom B. wrote in after last week's issue where we mentioned the TV pilot filming at "Six Corners," which is how I've informally referred to the intersection of Milwaukee, Damen and North avenues. (Update: Using Lauren's suggestion I referred to it as 'The Intersection' in this week's issue.)

Any ideas of what to call it? M/D/N? MilDamNo?

Sure, you can use my words & even the following sentence. "Don't take this the wrong way, but it is obvious that these people were not raised in Chicago."

Here is the Wikipedia article (which I didn't write) to add some credibility to what I've stated:

Six Corners is a shopping district in the Portage Park neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest Side. The area's name is from the intersection of three streets -- Irving Park Road, Cicero Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue [1]. Its history as an urban center began in the 1840s, eventually becoming the largest commercial center in Chicago outside of the Loop [2]. ... Although the shopping district had fallen on hard times in recent years...


-- Sent from my Palm Pre

On Mar 29, 2010 9:36 AM, Alisa Hauser wrote:

Thanks for letting me know. It seems like a lot of locals just call it six corners. I am not sure what else to call it? Can I include your comment in Reader mailbag?
Call me if you have a minute.


Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 20:19:36 -0500
From: tom@12ga.com
To: streetsofwicker@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Pipeline: 50 Aldermen, TV Pilot at Six Corners, Bed & Breakfast, Fashion, Flowers, News, Links and More


FYI: 6 Corners is a specific Chicago neighborhood at Irving, Milwaukee & Cicero.


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On Mar 23, 2010 7:41 PM, Alisa wrote:

Art Imitating Life: Floral Interpretations Just in Time for Spring

Jackson Junge Gallery 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago


For Immediate Release: March 12, 2010

Contact: Chris Jackson or Lisa Elkuss 773-227-7900


Special Exhibit – Jackson Junge Gallery April 6 - May 16th

Opening Reception Friday, April 9 6pm – 9pm

The Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave., ushers in spring with a veritable garden of artistic diversity. “In Bloom: Floral Interpretations,” a new exhibit on display from April 6 through May 16, 2010, features the work of the gallery’s signature artist Laura Lee Junge and five other local artists.

Chosen pieces represent a range of styles and mediums as diverse as nature itself. This uplifting and playful exhibit incorporates traditional oils, mixed media, digital art, photography, prints and batik; all conforming to the botanic theme. An opening reception, free to the public, will be held on Friday April 9, from 6pm – 9pm.

“Chicagoans embrace the onset of spring with an enthusiasm that manifests itself in so many ways,” says Chris Jackson, co-owner of The Jackson Junge Gallery. “This exhibit is meant to honor that tradition celebrating an annual rite through many different artistic perspectives.”

In addition to Junge, “In Bloom” includes 30 works by local artists Kavan Geary, Jun-Jun Sta. Ana, Kate Hoyer, Sharon Bladholm and Irena Saparnis.

Laura Lee Junge: With twelve oil paintings on display, Junge’s work provides the anchor for “In Bloom.” Her floral creations showcase the distinctive elements of her style; surrealism, vivid color and a swirling sense of movement that brings life to the most placid floral arrangement.

Junge began painting florals early in her career and it is a theme she revisits often. “I have always loved nature and enjoy introducing unexpected motion and life to the scenes I depict.” says Junge. “People often exclaim over the energy and passion my floral paintings exude.”

“While Angels Sleep Your Love Shall Keep,” the icon image for the exhibit, is the last in a series of orchid paintings Junge created in late 2009. The fanciful piece presents floating blossoms atop fragile stems that curl to form a heart pattern. Departing from her usual frenetic backgrounds, this piece incorporates a geometric backdrop with a range of colors suggestive of a rainbow. The painting transitions vertically from dark colors to light in tribute to the cycle of sleep.

Kavan Geary: Residing in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Geary is the one participating artist from outside the immediate Chicago area. His breathtaking floral photographs combine color, texture and light to create flowing, sensual works. Images focus more on the color and pattern of part of his subject (in this case flowers) rather than how the entire subject relates to its environment. His Inflorescence flower collection is based on an extraordinary interplay of light and color. The word inflorescence refers to the budding and unfolding of blossoms.

Jun-Jun Sta. Ana: Sta. Ana relocated to Chicago from his native Philippines in 2006. Since then his digital art has earned recognition across the country. In his botany series, Sta. Ana uses repetition of human figures to create floral images suggestive of traditional Asian brush stroke compositions. His choice of black and grey tones, influenced by sumi-e paintings, is a provocative choice for a subject matter associated with vibrant color.

Kate Hoyer: Hoyer is best known for her canine portraits that combine brilliant color and geometric stripes in endearing renditions of man’s best friend. She brings the same technique, reminiscent of the 80’s pop culture, to her botanic oil paintings. Hoyer applies abstract lines to common subject matters including animals, buildings and plants. In this exhibit her unique style presents luminous spring flowers in a whole new light.

Sharon Bladholm: Behind Sharon Bladholm’s stunning images lies a background in botanic research. She has traveled to remote locations including the Peruvian Amazon to document the conservation of endangered plants and animals. A versatile artist, she works in numerous mediums from glass and bronze to prints and water color. Her contributions to “In Bloom” include an exquisite floral water color on mulberry paper and hand colored monotone prints. Her work is grounded in her avid commitment to preserving world habitats.

Irena Saparnis: A master of batik, flowers and plant life have been a favorite subject matter for Irena Saparnis. Her startling red poppies are animated by the art form. Each work is truly unique due to the unpredictable variation of color and line the dye and wax process produces.

The Jackson Junge Gallery is open six days a week, free of charge. Hours are Tuesday – Friday 10am – 7pm; Saturday 10am – 6pm; Sunday 12 noon – 5pm.#

High resolution images are available upon request.

Jackson Junge Gallery



April Shows at Gorilla Tango Theatre

Chug Chicago: A Drinking Party Musical (CONTINUING FROM MARCH)

Ever read "Create Your Own Adventure Books" when you were a kid? Chug Chicago is a Create Your Own Drunken Party show for adults! Upon arriving to the theatre, audience members get to vote on which characters they would most enjoy seeing at a rambunctious, inebriated, Wrigleyville house party! Want to see Oprah and The Pope go shot for shot? Want to hold the Mormon's legs as he does a keg stand? Want your buddy Steve to appear in the show? Every show is individually tailored to that audience's idea of hilarity. This show is 21 and over only; must present ID at door.

Produced by Amy Whittenberger and Gorilla Tango Theatre.

Fridays at 11:30pm, March 19 – April 9, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.


Join comedy team Shoelace Academy as they take on a rotating roster of local troupes in a fully improvised show fueled by audience suggestions.

March 20, 2010 (11:30pm) - Feral Children

March 27, 2010 (11:30pm) - Accidental VJ

April 3, 2010 (8pm) - Jugs and Pullups, Shock T’s

May 22, 2010 (10pm) - Charles Grodin

May 29, 2010 (10pm) - Shark City

Produced by Warren Arnold.

Saturdays at 11:30pm, March 20 & 27, Saturday April 3 at 8pm, and Saturdays May 22 & 29 at 10pm. Tickets are $10; Rated R.


Formerly entitled “Hijinks & Showdowns,” HIGH JINXED recounts the misguided adolescent adventures of comedian Prescott Tolk, as he presents a hilarious one-man show about how bad ideas lead to horrible outcomes.

Produced by Prescott Tolk.

Thursdays at 8pm, March 25 – April 29, 2010. Tickets are $10; Rated R.

Urban Indigenous presents: Code of Ethnics

Urban Indigenous is Chicago ’s premiere multi-ethnic comedy troupe representing various cultures. In their first full length review, “Code of Ethnics”, they explore a variety of comedic styles, while also playing with “code of ethics” from classes, cultures, linguistics, and other hysterical situations to guide a viewer on who decides what ethnic really is.

Produced by Urban Indigenous.

Saturdays at 10pm, March 27 – May 15, 2010. Tickets are $10; Rated R.

Immigrant Song

Immigrant Song is a sketch comedy told from the eyes of, you guessed it, immigrants. Those zany Spanish waiters, crazy German students, and wacky Japanese tourists you see in so many comedies are more than comic relief.

Produced by David Elliott.

Fridays at 10pm, April 2 – 30, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.


A show that will bring sugary goodness to the depths of your murky geeked out soul. This sketch comedy show takes a look at the mangled love affair humans have created with each other, technology and our mixed up vices of demise. But that's not going to stop you from jumping into bed with a first generation iGigolo or iWhore, is it? No. Because we are humans; the only beings intelligent enough to design our own destruction! So put down the iPhone long enough to get your mind iBlown!

Produced by Jeremiah Howe

Saturdays at 6pm, April 3 – 24, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

TMI: A Hollywood Love Story

Don't reality TV celebs piss you off? The idea of over night success, unworthy of the limelight. What about 15 year olds dancing in lingerie, singing about their intense love on a 100 foot yacht. Yet, you're the first person in the check-out line to find out, "Who's caught with not so sexy Cellulite". Last time I checked, this revolution in the media has been a love-hate relationship for over 2 decades now. TMI: A Hollywood Love Story, is exactly how you should break up with a bad ex-city.

Directed by Madilynn Beck.

Produced by Gorilla Tango Theatre.

Saturdays at 11:30pm, April 3 – 24, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

Chekov Kegstand

In college, morality is relative. Based on the Chekhov play, Uncle Vanya, Chekhov Kegstand is a tale of a college dorm room, best friends, love, sex, alcohol, and betrayal. Sounds like your average college weekend! As their senior year draws to a close, roommates Aaron and Greg need to start thinking about their future, as long as their hormones and alcoholic tendencies don't get in the way.

Written by Chicago playwright Bryan Cohen.

Produced by Erik Wagner.

Mondays at 7:30pm, April 5 – 26, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

The Legend of Ricky "the Cat" Casio: Personal Soundtrack Artist and Purveyor of the Peace

Ricky “the Cat” Casio has a gift. He is the purveyor of genuine human emotion, defender of a rare, youthful vitality that turns idealistic fantasy into reality - and he’s an, at best, average musician.

Ricky has a dream to make the joys and sorrows of daily life radiate with vivid brilliance through the power of his key-tar. Ricky, you see, writes personal soundtracks for a living. In real time. Yet the life of a personal soundtrack composer is not an easy one. A bizarre twist of fate hurtles “the Cat” through an unlikely scenario involving the United States government, nuclear-armed Russia, and the end of the world as we know it. With the help of his trusty key-tar, he plans to navigate the treacherous waters of international diplomacy and make it back in time to compose a dramatic break-up jingle.

Written by Benjamin Majoy.

Directed by Bryan Schmidt.

Produced by Gorilla Tango Theatre.

Tuesdays at 8pm, April 6 – 27, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

Hello Human Female

An online dating service connects Tamela, a guileless 37 year-old virgin looking for love, with Dr. Gorn, an evil scientist with ambitions of world domination. Things don't go according to Dr. Gorn's dastardly plan when Tamela falls instantly in love with his henchman, Blork, a brainless (literally), misshapen, noodle-armed creation. Equal parts YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and THE PRINCESS BRIDE, HELLO HUMAN FEMALE is an odd and whimsical tale with the message that being full of love, kindness and understanding can make up for pretty much all of our apparent shortcomings, even not having a brain.

Written and Directed by Matt Lyle.

Produced by Gorilla Tango.

Wednesdays at 7:30pm, April 7 – 28, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

Salon Garbage
Salon Garbage is a comedy about things that go on in the salon some things expected and some things that are unexpected. Flavor’s Unisex Salon is owned by Myesha Wilson who seeks change in the salon and to get away from the stereotypes about most salons. But there is still drama even when she tries to fix the drama. Salon Garbage is a funny inspirational comedy you don’t want to miss it’s moving, funny, compelling and real it’s something that most salon owners, stylists and nail techs can relate too. Salon Garbage has a mixture of characters that will have you jumping out your seats with laughter.
Produced by Beauty In Motion Productions.
Friday and Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm, April 9 – 11, 2010. Tickets are $10; Rated R.


"Your favorite “Comedy with a LATIN flavor” group is back with a brand new sketch comedy revue entitled Ctrl+Alt+DEPORT!” The show explores the way that technology is reshaping our daily routines and changing the way we relate to one another. Salsation ponders this material through an unflinchingly Latino lens. A guy is dumped by his girlfriend and he employs YouTube to win her back. Tune into a video podcast created by a group of ambitious high schoolers, complete with celebrity news live from the cafeteria. A symphony of ringtones underscores the shrinkage of our personal space. And see what happens when alien technology is pitted against our love affair with personal electronic devices. It’s a show you don’t want to miss!"

Produced by Salsation Theatre Co.

Fridays at 8pm, April 23 – May 28, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

Entertainment Will Never Die

Love Money Productions Presents:

Entertainment Will Never Die

(Comedy Special)

LOL With Dave Maebene on April 16th & Jeremiah Frazier on April 17th.

Produced by Tastic.

Friday and Saturday at 8pm, April 16 & 17, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

CIF presents GTT Improv Thing vs. CIT Champions

As part of the Chicago Improv Festival 2010, Gorilla Tango Theatre is hosting an exhibition of the winners of the GTT Improv Thing and the College Improv Tournament national champions! This is it. Check it out. It’s going to be awesome!

2008 CIT Champs - The Improv Mafia from Illinois State University

2009 CIT Champs - The Titanic Player's Daddy Mags from Northwestern University

2010 GTT Improv Thing Champs - Niel & Lein

Produced by Chicago Improv Foundation and Gorilla Tango Theatre.

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 11:30pm. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

Yellow Light by Andrew Pederson

Traffic lights are easy like love, right? Green means go, Red means stop. and Yellow means...speed up or slow down? The Just Passing By Theatre Company presents Yellow Light by Andy Pederson, a comedy about love, hesitation, and closing your eyes as you speed through intersections.

Directed by Brian Fruits.

Produced by The Just Passing By Theatre Company.

Saturdays at 8pm, April 24 – May 8, 2010. Tickets are $15; Rated R.

Confusion: It’s Confusing!

Confusion is everywhere. Whether it's a simple transaction or the ever so complex "game play" between men and women, the state of being confused is inevitably experienced by all of us from time to time. This quirky double-header of original, comedic plays explores those who are consciously confused and those who are just confusingly clueless.

Written by Terry McFadden

Produced/Directed by Jeffrey Ryan Ringgenberg

Thursdays at 9:30pm, April 29 – May 13, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

All performances take place at:

Gorilla Tango Theatre

1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60647


Visit www.gorillatango.com or call 773-598-4549 for tickets and more information.

Audience contact: 773-598-4549, info@gorillatango.com

Gorilla Tango Theatre Chicago is conveniently located at the intersection of Western and Milwaukee in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. Easily accessible by public transportation, GTT is steps away from the Western stop on the O’Hare Blue Line and the #49 Western, #73 Armitage and #56 Milwaukee buses. Street parking is readily available. GTT offers a variety of affordable ($3-$8) beer and wine for purchase.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So, Jordan, what was this guy in for?

The work of Chris Crites is now showing at 360SEE at 1924 N. Damen.

So many criminals painstakingly documented and painted onto brown paper bags, so little time!

There's a lot of cool portraits on the wall, from unknown near anonymous faces of a bygone era to today's familiar white collar crooks like Tony Rezko and former Illinois governor George Ryan, both sold. Gotta love little red dots. And cool exhibits like this one.

Final Day for Logan Square's Indoor Farmer's Market

I feel kind of like a fairweather fan, having been to the first or second Logan Square Indoor market at the Congress Theater, and now attempting to leave my cozy confines for its final day...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everything Must Go At Fran & Lilly's

Franny and Lilly's
an Upscale Resale Boutique
2046 N. Western Ave.

Women – Children's
Designer Samples
Wedding Dresses
Cocktail Dresses
Custom Jewelry
Featured Artists

Prices range from $1.00 and Up!!

March 26 – March 28th
10am – 5pm
Cash Only
!!Everything Must Go!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pipeline History & Editorial Policy (updated 10/18/10)

The Pipeline weekly e-newsletter began on April 6, 2009. As of October, we have published aka hit the 'send' button on over 80 weekly issues! Thank you for reading.

Initially called Street Scene and focusing on Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce member news, we became The Pipeline this past July. The change allowed us to focus on neighborhood happenings as well as events pertaining to the business community; it also enabled us to solicit new funding and advertising sponsors to support the many hours of labor invested into each issue. Content takes time.

With a mission of helping to promote the neighborhood's local economy and inspire awareness of and participation in community events, we feature news & happenings pertaining to businesses and residents in our home turf of Wicker Park & Bucktown. On occasion we venture into nearby neighborhoods of Logan Square and West Town. The addition of Philin Phlash to our team means that we now include many images from out of the neighborhood.

Depending on the week, about one third to half of our content is sponsored, and the remainder is 'seen-in-passing,' or contributed by others, or appearing in the form of aggregated news links. Because we know there are many voices out there besides our own, we spend a great deal of time reading blogs or following other writers for enjoyment as well as for attempting to present as full of a snapshot each week of the area as enthusiastically possible.

We welcome all potential advertising inquires save for religious groups and multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities such as Avon, Lia Sophia, etc. All sponsored news is labeled as such.

Due to the the fact the e-newsletter is written mainly by just a few people, it is not possible to address every lead which is sent in, or to cover every event in-depth, or to mention every sale though we appreciate your leads and often follow up on the ones which we think would be of interest to readers. In regards to original photography, please note that it remains the sole property of The Pipeline. Any unauthorized use of our images without explicit permission is very uncool. Why? It takes TIME to snap and edit photos, and by stealing the photos we take, you are saying that you were there, when it actuality you were not. By all means, go ahead and use any of our images, but do credit where you saw the image, and if you want to use more than a few images, portions of our library dating back to 2005 are available for purchase,with proceeds benefiting the continued existence of The Pipeline.

Don't feel like we're covering your happenings? Feel free to submit content to us. Your deadline is MONDAY NIGHT. If it doesn't sound like a blatant sales pitch and it fits with the newsletter tone, we'll be happy to include it! Please send event listings (community meetings, art openings, fundraisers) to streetsofwicker@hotmail.com. If you send out a weekly or monthly e-newsletter, please include a web version link at the top for easier viewing as well as linking purposes. We cannot link to your e-newsletter if there is no weblink. The "include web link" check box can be found in your settings shortly before you send out your email. Update Aug. 2010: Thanks to many of you for now adding weblinks!!

We have a very limited amount of time and space each week and try to make the experience as fun for you to read as it is for us to write. If you have constructive feedback to help make The Pipeline better or more useful, please email streetsofwicker@hotmail.com. We are also looking for a web designer. Please send inquiries and samples of your design work to streetsofwicker@hotmail.com

Though there's a time and place for criticism and snark, it is not in the Pipeline, thus we would never write a story that we wouldn't want written about ourselves or include what we deem to be an unflattering image. We believe in the power of human relationships and connections over dollar signs and strive for authenticity in tone and 'voice.' We are only capable of writing about people and places which inspire us. Thankfully there's no shortage of muses in the neighborhood!

We welcome and encourage submissions and story leads/tips from contributors
and will try to include your stories if they are a good fit. We currently pay others for professional proofreading, video interview stories, crime coverage, and listings. 100% of advertising sponsorship dollars-- which we personally solicit-- are applied toward paying ourselves and contributors.

All featured food is purchased on our own dime unless noted. Corrections are noted in the following week's issue. We do not share any content prior to sending. Your emails are confidential and we do not share our list with any second or third party.

If you have any questions or would like to follow-up, or explore advertising, email me at streetsofwicker@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading this evolving editorial policy. We hope to continue being around in the future and thank you for reading the newsletter. Note: The ONLY way we can continue being around in the future is for our ADV sponsorship pipeline to be as strong as our content pipeline. If you like The Pipeline, and recognize it as a viable and trusted source for local communications, consider frequenting our ADV sponsors, because by supporting them you are supporting the continued growth of The Pipeline too. Thanks for reading.

Save-the-Date: Plant Sale & Workshops, May 1st & 2nd

Fundraiser for the Park Gardens
Saturday - Sunday - May 1 & 2 - 10am-4pm - Wicker Park - 1425 N. Damen - Chicago
Sale Held
OUTSIDE Field House - West Side or
INSIDE Field House Gym if Raining
Flowering Annuals and Perennials - Herbs – Vegetables & Heirloom Tomatoes
Come to the sale and go home with an excellent selection of plants and at the same time - assist us with raising funds to help support the 10,000 square feet of gardens that we design and maintain in Wicker Park. Come early. Also, take one or more of our workshops. Join the nation wide movement of growing some food at home - learn how - and then purchase the vegetable to create your home gardens.
Saturday, May 1 - 10am - Noon - $15
Design Ornamental Flower or Attractive Herb Containers
Seasonal or Year Round Designs
Susan Fontana
Thinking Outside the Pot
Flowering Plants and Herbs Available at the Plant Sale
REGISTRATION REQIRED: WPGarden@aol.com (773) 278-9075
If you missed last year’s sold out workshop, you have another opportunity to get inspired about the elements of container design: color, foliage, texture, and height. You can even learn to create an attractive ornamental yet totally edible vegetable container composition. Susan Fontana (Thinking Outside the Pot, Inc.), will lead a lively workshop with demonstrations on the art of container design and maintenance. Susan is known best for her superb container designs and unified multi-container compositions. You can learn to design several containers to work together. She will discuss location characteristics such as sunlight and wind for a wide variety of areas including yards, rooftops and balconies. She will address container choices such as material, size, shape, color and insulation for year round plantings. Bring your questions and experiences to share. Following the workshop, you can shop at the plant sale, discuss your specific interests and design ideas with Susan, and go home with plants for your own containers that will thrive throughout the summer and fall seasons.
Saturday, May 1 - 1PM - 2:30PM - $15
Small Space Vegetable Gardening
Beth Botts
Senior Editor - Chicagoland Gardening Magazine
Heirloom Vegetables Available at Plant Sale
REGISTRATION REQIRED: WPGarden@aol.com (773) 278-9075
Don't miss the experience of tasting fresh flavorful vegetables that you grow yourself. Beth Botts will discuss how to grow vegetables in all types of containers, rotate them throughout the season, and how to get the best results from growing vegetables in your city gardens, on your decks, or incorporating them in your patio's designs. She will discuss soils and fertilizers and how to
grow vegetables organically if you choose to use those techniques. Beth Botts is a writer, speaker, consultant and Master Gardener who writes on gardening for the Chicago Tribune and is a senior editor at Chicagoland Gardening Magazine. Several of her stories have won awards from the Garden Writers Association. Raised by an organic gardener on the South Side, she now does her digging and weeding in Oak Park in the shade on the north side of a 4-story apartment building and grows tomatoes and salads on the 3rd-floor porch. Visit her blog: www.growinginchicago.com
Saturday, May 1 - 3PM-4:30PM - $15
Bulbs, Annuals, Vines, & Ground Covers
Add Variety at Low Cost - Try Seeds and Bulbs
Doug Wood - Wicker Park Garden Club
REGISTRATION REQIRED: WPGarden@aol.com (773) 278-9075
Most gardens can use a bit more drama and bold statements within their overall structures. Also, in new gardens there are many 'holes' during the years you are waiting for the shrubs and perennials to fill in to these spaces. Doug Wood will discuss the incorporation of seasonal bulbs, ground covers and bold-structural annuals to bring accents and drama to your garden designs. Ground covers can act as excellent backdrops to help focus color and texture of feature plants. In addition, he will discuss a variety of annual seeds that you can plant directly into your garden in May and perennial vines that will extend your gardens vertically (focus on clematis types - with pruning tips). These additions to your garden designs will assist to extend your garden's interest throughout all four seasons.

50 Aldermen/50 Artists

More information on the group exhibit curated by Jeremy Scheuch and Lauri Apple, pictured, can be found at the Johalla Projects blog.

Big Savings at Bonnie & Clyde's

Rather than sell five year's worth of inventory to liquidators, Bonnie & Clyde's at 1751 W. Division decided to rent out a vacant storefront across the street and hold a super sale this past weekend, and by super I mean 90% off everything... and free champagne...

I came out of it with a shirt, $2.30.

A fun time was had by all.

Spring at Habit

Images inside Habit, 1951 W Division.