Monday, May 31, 2010

Images from a Few Places, Will I.D. in Newsletter

Holstein Happenings- From Friends of Holstein Pk

Holstein Happenings
May 31, 2010

Here comes summer. Save these dates. . .

- Wed, June 2 6:30 PM
This September, Friends of Holstein Park is bringing the fabulous Midnight Circus to Holstein for four weekend performances. This is your chance to get in on the ground-floor planning. Kick-off meeting is 6:30 PM in the field house. Can't make the date. Email to get involved.

Thurs, June 17 6:30 PM
It's happening. The Park District has asked for bids on a fall renovation of our 100-year-old field house. See the plans and give your input at the monthly meeting of Friends of Holstein Park. 6:30 PM in the field house.

POOL OPENS!!!! - Friday, June 18
Better late than never. Here is the schedule of summer pool activities (You can get a printed schedule at the field house):

FAMILY SWIM: Sat-Sun 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM, also 3:30 - 4:45 PM; Mon - Fri 9 AM - 10:45 PM, also 4 - 5:45 PM (early close on Tues and Thurs for swim team practice.)

(all ages): Sat-Sun 12:30 - 3:45 PM; Mon - Fri 1 - 3:15 PM

(over 18): Sat - Sun 11 - 11:45 AM, also 6:15 - 7:15 PM; Mon - Fri 7 - 8:45 AM, also 6 - 7:15 PM

LEARN TO SWIM (ages 6-12): Sat and Sun 5 - 6 PM

(ages 6-12 and 13-17): Tues and Thurs 5 - 6 PM

To learn more about swim lessons and the Holstein Park swim team, call the field house at 312-742-7554. There are still openings in both programs.

MOVIE IN THE PARK - Sat, June 19 at dusk
Friends of Holstein Park are sponsoring the June outdoor movie "The Blind Side" on the baseball field. Bring your own lawn chairs. Movie starts at dusk (around 8:30 PM).

PLAY CAMP STARTS (ages 4-5) - Mon, June 21
A new summer camp program for 4-5 year olds. Call Megan at the field house for more information. 312-742-7554.

- June 24, 25 and 26 at 8 PM
Holstein Arts Partner Zephyr Dance celebrates its 20th anniversary with a series of performances of "In The Looking" at the Epiphany Episcopal Church, 201 S. Ashland. Tickets are $20 ($15 for students.) Concert starts at 8 PM. For more information, call 773-489-5069 or see

(ages 6 - 12) - Mon, June 28
Let the mayhem begin.

The Bucktown Arts Fest, Circus in the Park, The Bucktown Apple Pie Contest. All these events happen because neighbors give their time and effort to planning these exciting events. Volunteers are always needed and welcome. It's fun, it's educational, and it makes Bucktown a better place to live.

Holstein Happenings is a monthly newsletter from Friends of Holstein Park to keep you informed of what's happening in our park. We also have a new website about park activities ( If you would like to add more names to the Holstein Happenings mailing list, send new addresses to

-Content By Friends of Holstein Park (hosting here so I can link to it)

One person's junk, another's treasure, but the Cave Bat is NFS, fyi

In addition to being the Official Kickoff to Summer, Memorial Day weekend is a great time to take stock of all the crap you own or somehow figured at one point in your life it would be a good idea to own, and decide that someone else should take it off your hands and better yet if they pay you for the pleasure of doing it.

The most interesting of the half dozen or so sales I popped by turned out to be the one with a hint of melancholy, as it was a moving sale too. An artist name Derek who I met just a few weeks ago and read tarot cards for at the post office will be moving soon to Seattle.

I came away with a Neil Young cd and a brief interview and plan to feature Derek and his insights on "stuff" in the post-holiday-soft-news-people issue along with a few other notable and randomly selected locals.

Program Awry

I think I am programmed to stay up late on Sundays working on Monday's Pipeline, though technically as I am trying not to work tomorrow it is more like Sunday than Monday, though I do work on Sundays too.

Someone suggested to me today that I should expand, and do a Logan pipeline on Mondays, Wicker on Tuesdays, Roscoe Village on Wednesdays, etc.

While a fun idea in theory, I would cease to exist in the real world if I did that. And I haven't exactly figured out how to keep one pipeline sustainable either. I guess I'm just naive or stupid enough or both to think that if I keep it up, it will somehow work itself out.

A Sign that Aldi Shouldn't Charge for Bags

Signs of Holiday

Ukrainian Veterans Celebrate Memorial Day in UK Village, at Downtown Parade

More on this in Wednesday's pipeline, but here are some pictures of Ukrainian American veterans as well as a few others on active duty who were gathered together at a social club in nearby UK Village this past Saturday morning prior to heading downtown for the parade.

Though I shot a few of the images, at bottom, the majority were emailed in by Mariana Hanchar, who was taking photos for the veterans.

Amid the local sales and bbqs and fun people profiles and 'nonnews' I am covering in the next newsletter, Mary Schmich's latest column as well as this random street-side encounter with men and women in uniform served as a reminder of the reason we celebrate Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Week Past & The Week Ahead

Now that this week's Pipeline is complete, I must make cold calls for another job...

...In happier news, next week's issue should be a lot of fun (!!!) and a nice break of sorts. Last year I had a blast with a Post-Holiday Soft News People Issue and that's exactly what it will be: snippets and interviews with local folks who are unique or doing cool things or have interesting backgrounds. If anyone reading this blog besides the two people fighting over the graffiti tag issue knows of anyone who fits the bill for being featured, please email me at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Four New Original Comedies at Gorilla Tango

Four new original comedies at GTT in June!

Chicago, IL (June 1 - 23, 2010): GTT is proud to announce four original comedies debuting in June:

HOME M.D. – a parody of television medical dramas, written and directed by Evelyn DeHais – performs Tuesdays at 8pm, June 1 – 22, 2010 (tickets are $12).

THE RISE OF EMPEROR ERIC, an original Kung-Fu/Absurdist/Comedy from playwright David J. Ruthenberg, runs Tuesdays at 9:30pm, June 1 – 22, 2010 (tickets are $12).

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S A LOVE STORY is the spectacular tale of dating in the world of cowls and capes. Written by Alyse Castillo and Directed by Phil Baranski, …IT’S A LOVE STORY performs Wednesdays at 8pm, June 2 – 23, 2010 (tickets are $12).

And lastly, if Hamlet and King Lear had a not-too-bright sibling, it would surely be called THE TERRIBLE: an original play about thanatology, misanthropy, and single-malt scotch. Performing Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 7pm, June 4 – 6, 2010, and Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 6pm (tickets are $10).

All performances/events take place at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago 60647. To purchase tickets, please call 773-598-4549 or visit

"Home M.D." – a parody of television medical dramas – examines such pressing questions as how will a team of clichĂ©-ridden doctors fare against the disease of the week? Will musical theater and awkward sexual tension save the day? How DO you kill a zombie? And on a scale from 1 to 10, how attractive is that corpse? It’s the “ER” – uh, I mean, the “Grey’s Anatomy” – no, that’s not right, “House?” – wait no, got it. It’s the HOME M.D. you don’t want to miss.
HOME M.D: Tuesdays at 8pm, June 1 – 22, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated R.

Eric, a weak-willed and fearful suburbanite, works as a fry cook at Burgers on Parade, a fast food joint in a mythical state ruled by Lord Conway, a deluded but charismatic suburban emperor, obsessed with his own greatness. As he attempts to carve out his own path of destiny, Eric encounters an onslaught of Red Samurais, Blue Samurais, pizza delivery boys, and hot chicks while facing foes such as the Toaster of Torment, a wedgie-delivering Koffi Annan and the Typhoon who Topples Empires. Come see the battle of the 21st century and discover the true meaning of the scroll of Bouddai-Ken with a special appearance by the Dalai Lama.

Directed by Timothy Bambara, a recipient of the 2008 CAAP Grant, a founding member of Dramatis Personae, Inc. and an ensemble member with Tympanic Theatre.
THE RISE OF EMPEROR ERIC: Tuesdays at 9:30pm, June 1 – 22, 2010. Tickets are $12.

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S A LOVE STORY is the spectacular tale of dating in the world of cowls and capes. Based on moderately true events, ...IT'S A LOVE STORY will leave you looking for domino masks and utility belts. But remember, with great power comes great romance.

Written by Alyse Castillo and Directed by Phil Baranski.
IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S A LOVE STORY: Wednesdays at 8pm, June 2 – 23, 2010. Tickets are $12; Rated PG-13.

A hermitic, middle-aged writer visits the bar he frequented in his youth, reliving moments of mirth and regret. He renews relationships with old friends and makes new acquaintances, but the years of isolation have taken their toll, and his misanthropic streak changes the tone of the homecoming from sweet to bitter. Can this former novelist rewrite his own ending by making amends with the people around him all while facing his inner demons?

Written and directed by Wes Payton, this human condition play explores themes of contrition and ontology. The structure of the play includes an existential element, which parallels and informs the narrative that unfolds in this corner bar. The play’s antihero is both blithe and bellicose as he attempts to understand the impact his volatile character has had on the lives of his erstwhile friends. His advanced years have afforded him perspective, but his catharsis is in jeopardy of being undone by his lack of accountability.

Photo by Kate Jacobsen; Shane Bichl in THE TERRIBLE, "Prisoner processing"
THE TERRIBLE: Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 7pm, June 4 – 6, 2010, and Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 6pm. Tickets are $10.

For more information or to schedule an interview or review, please contact Kelly Williams at 773-598-4549 or
Gorilla Tango Theatre (GTT) is a year-round theatrical venue where audiences of all ages can consistently go to see a wide variety of talented artists. GTT exists to provide artists with an opportunity to produce their work in professional environment. GTT was created by Second City- and IO-Chicago-trained Dan Abbate and boasts an 88-seat performance space. GTT Chicago is conveniently located at the intersection of Western and Milwaukee in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Easily accessible by public transportation, GTT is steps away from the Western Blue Line stop and the #49 Western, #73 Armitage and #56 Milwaukee buses. Street parking is readily available. With shows for both children and adults, all GTT performances are on a rating system, similar to the one used in movie theatres. GTT offers a variety of affordable beer and wine for purchase. Consult the website for rating information, tickets, and details.
1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647 – 773.598.4549


A Dispatch from Birdhouse 2010 by Dina Petrakis

(note: To minimize scroll fatigue in The Pipeline, intended to be an e-newsletter presenting a snapshot of the week past and the week ahead, I sometimes host longer stories and images here in absence of having a functional web site. Many thanks to Dina for submitting this story as well as providing pics!)


by Dina Petrakis of Littlerock Renovation Coaching

Birdhouse 2010 was attended by a Wicker-Parkian variety of people, from Pritzker students and parents- to artists and architects; from teachers and Principal- to movers and shakers.

Birdhouses came from a similar diversity of contributors: artists, students, community members, and local businesses; and the range of design meant there was something for everyone. Hyacinth, Pritzker parent- and many others- coveted a finely crafted lam-wood shape named Papa (reminding many of Pac Man) by Dan Pohrte +Tiffany Nash. Sam Marts, Architect, favored the Flying Saucer Birdship by Lora Lode- made of recycled reflectors from an old stove. Lynn Warren, MCA Curator, liked Robin’s Egg, by John Henley and Peter Frederiksen.

The party was held on West Carroll at the studio of renowned Wesley Kimler, whose colossal paintings and high-ceilinged loft gave the perfect backdrop for festivities. Lively conversation abounded, stimulated by paintings in various stages of completion, live birds and puppy, a fantasy wonderland of play equipment, Wesley’s paints and tools, and the birdhouses themselves.

The party was kicked off by Pritzker students playing rock standards for the crowd, starting with Louie Louie. Great eats provided by Swim CafĂ© and an open bar sustained us, and an elevated address (figuratively and literally) from Wesley and his daughter entertained us as auction fever grew. Birdhouses were auctioned in lots starting at 9pm. It was a wonderful event- for partygoers, community, and school. Proceeds are to benefit Pritzker’s Campus Landscape Project. See you there next year- you won’t want to miss it!

By Dina Petrakis

Monday, May 24, 2010

Community Mulch Day, Recap by Doug Wood

by Doug Wood of the Wicker Park Garden Club

Chicago Park District DNR Staff (Adam Schwerner, Chris Krieger, John Shostack, and others ), John Davidson-WPark Supervisor,
VOLUNTEER GROUPS and Collaborating Organizations: Urban Encounter, Property Consultants, Missio dei Chicago, Harvest Bible Chapel, Wicker Park Garden Club members, Friends of the Parks, 32nd Ward Alderman Waguespack, WPB-SSA#33-Chamber, Wicker Park and Bucktown Neighbors, Pipeline,

What a great success - People came together to do something for the trees and the Park patrons- and at the same time - Everyone Experienced a great community Social.

Thank you all for working together for BIG MULCH DAY to:
Promote (Waguespack, WPB-SSA#33-Chamber, Pipeline, WPGarden)
Provide Mulch and Tools (Park District DNR Staff) -SPECIAL THANKS for dumping mulch in requested sites.
Volunteers - 62 volunteers- (Urban Encounter, Property Consultants, Missio dei Chicago, Harvest Bible Chapel, WPGarden, Neighbors), Wicker Park & Bucktown Neighbors
Gloves (Friends of the Parks-received for our Earth Day-Mulch Events)
Tables-Electric-Early Entrance - 8:30am (John Davidson - WPark Staff)
Food (WPGarden - coffee-water-bagels-etc)
CREATE A GREAT Social- Work event - Many new friends were made from Working Together.

WEST SIDE Ready for Summer Events - We are ready for the Farmer's Market, music concerts, information tables, and other Events that may be scheduled. More trees along Schiller and Wicker Park Ave need more mulch-east of the fountain.

PLAYGROUND - Many of the huge mud patches near council ring-trees-west side where grass died are now mulched. Parents say thanks-cleaner kids - Kids say - we like mud. More mulch is needed along Wicker Park Ave mud area.

BACKFILL at Damen/Schiller - The Entrance to the park is backfilled and mulched - the two parkways need more soil and grass.

Special Treatment for 5 hemlocks and 4 hawthorns - all received compost; hemlocks mulched with pine bark mulch - purchased by WPGarden- and more bind weed removed from fountain area.

RATS - Chicago's Rat Abatement Team began WORKING to remove rats from Parks - met with me earlier in the Week. They are now on a weekly rat abatement schedule.

URNS - Summer Annuals were purchased for the urns (purchased in 2007 by WPBSSA#33) and planted this week.

AGAIN - Thank you for working together to make an EVEN BETTER PARK.

by Doug Wood

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday June 4th: Natasha McShane Benefit

Tom, a Pipeline reader and sometimes commenter, wrote in to share news of a fundraiser for Natasha McShane taking place on June 4th.

The web site creation for and poster design was all donated, and the organizers are relying on grassroots promotion efforts to help drive interest in the fundraiser, for which 100% of proceeds will go toward McShane's medical expenses and rehabilitation. Per a statement from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Natasha McShane has been transferred from Northwestern to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Click on poster, above, to enlarge it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The best part of waking up...

is Conan on your cup!

It was a fun night. Technically the Conan O'Brien Legally Prohibited to be Funny on Television Tour happened outside of Wicker Park, but it was well worth the trek.

The Conan show was inspiring because after losing his job and being legally prohibited from performing on radio, the Internet and TV, he launched a tour with all proceeds going to his crew. I hope the TBS show will be a huge success.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teen Receives Maximum Sentence in Graffiti Crimes

By Nandika Doobay

Nathan DeLuna, alleged member of the "VTC" graffiti crew, was sentenced yesterday (Monday) to serve one year probation and 60 hours of community service and pay $300 in restitution fees for aiding in the vandalization of property near 1865 N. Milwaukee last August.

The VTC tag, which some say stands for "Vandalize the City" or "Vandals Taking Chicago," can be seen in numerous locations around the Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Humboldt Park neighborhoods, mostly along the Blue Line.

DeLuna, 17, of suburban Winnetka, was convicted in February of criminal damage to property and possession of spray paint. According to a report on the court hearing, police apprehended Andrew Giniat, another VTC member, in the act of defacing the Wicker Park property and found DeLuna waiting in a Mercedes-Benz, acting as a lookout. He also had spray paint in his possession.

Graffiti Removal, Pipeline file photo graffiti removal, pipeline file photo
In attendance at Monday's sentencing were many representatives from the Wicker Park community, such as 32nd Ward Alderman Waguespack, Distrct 14 Police officers, court advocates, and property owners. After seeing the large group who had come on behalf of the community, DeLuna could be heard asking a family member, "Why are all these people here, just to look at me?" to which his court-appointed public defender responded, "To put pressure on the judge."

Officer Soto of District 14 was the witness and brought three items of evidence that he claimed tied DeLuna to the crimes or affiliations with graffiti crews. Item 1 was a mugshot of the back of DeLuna's head from the night of his arrest in August. In the mugshot, the letters "VTC" can be seen etched into DeLuna's hair. The other two items were print outs of DeLuna's Facebook page, where he lists activities such as graffiti, an interest in spray cans, and made posts as late as May 12 saying that he's "getting ready 2 tag on yo trains" and that he "hopes things go good 2night and I can go paint."

DeLuna's court-appointed defender tried his best to disclaim all evidence, but it was uncertain whether the lawyer understood how Facebook works and was unable to make a case against it. As for the mugshot, DeLuna claimed the etching said "VTO" and not "VTC," to which the judged replied that it personally appeared to be a "C" to him and told DeLuna "you cannot lie your way through life." The judge then sentenced DeLuna to 1 year probation and 60 hours of community service and ordered him to pay $300 in restitution fees.

When asked if community members were pleased with the outcome of the sentencing, Alderman Waguespack said, "He was given the maximum sentence he could receive so I am satisfied with the judge's decision." He then added "we spent far too much time and resources of the community, residents, and police trying to stop Nathan DeLuna from destroying property."

--by Nandika Doobay,

Note: This story appeared in the May 18, 2010 Pipeline e-newsletter, but due to space I am hosting it in its entirety here.

11 Bars in WPB Participating in Pub Craw Benefit this Weekend

May 18, 2010
Contact: Robert Gomez
President, Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce
1414 N. Ashland, Chicago IL 60622
Chamber office: 773-384-2672
Cell: 773-510-6799 & personal

The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce partners with 11 Bucktown Establishments for a Pub Crawl this Coming Sunday to Benefit Beating Victims Natasha McShane and Stacy Jurich.

On Sunday May 23, 2010 from 2:00 pm – 10:30 pm eleven bars in the Bucktown neighborhood will host a Pub Crawl to raise money for two young women who were robbed and attacked with a baseball bat on April 23, 2010 while walking home on the 1800 block of North Damen Avenue. Natasha McShane, 23 remains hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. Stacy Jurich, 24 was released from inpatient hospitalization and will continue to need a host of outpatient therapies. The assailant and his accomplice are in custody.

To participate in the Pub Crawl wristbands in lieu of tickets can be purchased for $15 a piece at the following locations:

Blue Line Lounge and Grill (1548 North Damen)
Cans (1640 North Damen Avenue)
Club Lucky (1824 West Wabansia)
Debonair Social Club (1575 North Milwaukee Avenue)
Double Door (1572 North Milwaukee Avenue)
Northside (1635 N Damen Ave)
Pint (1547 N. Milwaukee )
Silver Cloud (1700 North Damen Avenue)
6 Corners Sports Bar (1950 W North Ave)
Subterranean (2011 West North Avenue)
Tavern (1958 W. North Ave)

Tickets can also be purchased online at, Subterranean’s website, without a processing fee. The Pub Crawl will kick off at 2 pm on Sunday May 23, 2010 at Double Door with the band Beer Nuts playing for 30 minutes. Wristbands will be color coded and participants will receive instructions for their Pub Crawl routes at Double Door on the day of the event. Participants will attend designated bars at specific times according to the color of their wristbands to avoid overcrowding at any one bar. Purchasing wristbands as soon as possible in advance is strongly requested by the organizers for planning purposes but wristbands will also be available to purchase on the day of the event.

Donation jars will be placed throughout each bar in the Pub Crawl. 100% of the money collected from the purchase of wristbands and the donations in the jars will be donated directly to the victims for their medical expenses. Wristband-wearers will also receive discounts on special drinks at each bar and $1 of each special drink will be donated to the women. After-parties will take place at 10:30 pm at the Blue Line Lounge and Grill and at Subterranean where donation jars will continue to be available.

Both young women were beaten unconscious in the attack. Natasha McShane is a University of Illinois graduate student from Northern Ireland. She underwent surgery and stabilization at Northwestern memorial Hospital and was then transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago on Friday May 13. McShane's grandmother, Bernadette McShane, said her granddaughter still can't walk or talk or recognize her parents according to It is uncertain how much longer she will need to remain in inpatient care. Stacy Jurich is a recent college graduate who works at a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney brokerage in the western suburbs. Jurich has been released from inpatient care but continues to need physical assistance and rehabilitation services.

David Azizinamini, the creator of the Pub Crawl and GM of the Blue Line asks the public “Please do attend as these women have extensive bills from the attack and need our help” and according to "the McShanes wish to thank everybody here in Chicago for the daily support they have shown them and to the rest of their family, friends and well wishers back in Ireland. They ask that you continue to keep Natasha in your thoughts and prayers."

A website has been set up on behalf of
Stacy Jurich to disseminate information and to raise additional funds:,0,6919431.story


Art on Track: Submissions Due June 1st

Party: MacKenzie-Childs at Crosell & Company

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anne Sportun Trunk Show this Weekend At Virtu

Anne Sportun Trunk Show at Virtu, May 21 through May 23

Opening Reception Friday, May 21st from 4 to 8pm

Bucktown boutique Virtu (2034 N Damen Avenue, ) teams up with Toronto based jeweler Anne Sportun for a weekend trunk show Friday, May 21 through Sunday, May 23. Please join us as we unveil the complete collection of Anne Sportun • Experimetal Jewellery ™. Anne Sportun’s work is recognized the world over by her simple settings sparkling with white and cognac diamond, spectacular stones set in 14kt white and 18kt yellow golds or solid platinum. Based in Toronto, Anne Sportun • Experimetal Jewellery ™ is represented exclusively here in Chicago by Virtu.

Our trunk show will be an impressive opportunity to witness firsthand the sheer magnitude of the Anne Sportun • Experimetal Jewellery ™ collection. Possessing technical perfection and intimate grace, each detail is hand crafted to be worn as Precious Everyday ™. Whether it is a simple pair of earrings or a magnificent engagement ring you are considering, we invite you to experience the brilliance of one of today’s finest goldsmiths. Stunning for the bride, just as lovely for any occasion, now is the perfect time to place an order for a summer or fall wedding.

Opening reception will be held Friday, May 21st from 4 to 8 pm at Virtu, 2034 N Damen Avenue in Bucktown. RSVP kindly requested at or 773.235.3790. We will offer 10% off the Anne Sportun • Experimetal Jewellery ™ collection during the trunk show event only.

Virtu will host the Anne Sportun trunk show during the Spring into Summer event scheduled for Saturday, May 22nd to be held in Bucktown’s chic shopping district of North Damen Avenue.

About Virtu:
Approaching a decade on Damen Avenue, Virtu is the perfect place to find something for someone who has everything. Each and every one of our pieces of fine jewelry, stationery, and personal and home accessories has been crafted individually for that very special someone. If you are searching for a unique wedding or hostess gift, we will help you with a splendid selection and then wrap you up and send you on your way.

For more information on Anne Sportun, please visit

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Building Owners Encouraged to go to 'VTC' Sentencing Monday

All local building owners who've been affected by graffiti and residents interested in taking a stand against it are strongly encouraged to go to the Branch 23 Circuit Court building, 5555 W. Grand, this Monday, May 17th at 1:30 PM for the sentencing of Nathan Deluna, a prominent graffiti tagger responsible for 'VTC' ("violence against the city") tags along with CEEP (convicted Oct. 2009), REEFR, XTC, DTC, and WHUT.

More on Deluna can be found in this southloganpalmersquare post about a previous attempt to sentence Deluna a few months ago and a delay initiated by his lawyer. I became aware of the Monday sentencing from an email from the 14th District police. Much of Deluna's tagging has occurred in the 14th District which encompasses Logan Square and most of Wicker Park/Bucktown. The police are urging business owners to be in attendance at the sentencing.

Most recently I spotted a new VTC tag on the office of U.S. Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, 2201 W. North, which coincidentally appeared on the day, or perhaps it was the evening before the day, when Guiterrez was in Washington D.C getting peacefully arrested for protesting Arizona's Immigration Reform bill.

The VTC tag on the Gutierrez office building was promptly removed a few days later. Unfortunately there are many other tags in the area which are a burden to building owners faced with the task and cost of removing them-- often times these are struggling small business owners.

Recently a store in business for many years had a few thousand dollars worth of graffiti damage on its window and then then was ticketed for a false alarm because his motion detector set off the security alarm as the taggers were defacing his property, though when the police came there was no evidence of forced entry. The false alarm ticket was repealed but only after a court appearance wherein he showed the receipt from the graffiti removal. While the business owner took advantage of the WPB sponsored graffiti rebate reimbursement to cover about half of the removal costs, he was still out about $1000+ of his own money.

Over the past 14 months during my outdoor wanderings I've taken way too many pictures of property owners removing graffiti, in fact that's how I initially met a few of the Pipeline readers though I wish it had been under better circumstances.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CAC Presents Urban Eyes

Click on poster to enlarge it on your screen

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh, Those Points, by Teresa McDonald

Oh, Those Points
By Teresa C. Macdonald

Last Thursday as I navigated the over fifty tables at the Toast of the Town 2010 Chicago, I became embroiled in the proverbial point slang volleyed around the tables. Those mysterious phases “88 points”, “95 points”, “92 points” suggesting just as much as or as little as the size of my waist line. So what’s the point of these points anyway, especially since there are over eight point systems for wine?

The wine rating system, or points, was developed by the wine industry to place a “value” on a wine so it could be more easily traded, and has since expanded to assist novices in evaluating the quality of the wine. All wines are assessed and receive a score (either in barrel or when bottled), but basically the higher the score a wine has the greater its potential.

The two main rating systems for wine in the U.S. both use a 100 point scale. Perhaps the most influential is Robert Parker’s rating in the Wine Advocate ( For his system he evaluates wines in peer-group blind tastings and then awards a score. Wines that score a 50 are considered unacceptable and those with 96+ points are extraordinary. He is known for a discriminating palette which picks wines that age well.

The second most popular point system is the Wine Spectator’s. ( Wine Spectator enlists a team of editors who have an in-depth familiarity of specific regions that blindly review and score a wine. Wines that score 50-74 are not recommended and wines with 95+ points are classics. Since the editors know the regions they are able to taste unique subtleties and spot trends.

So how do I use the points? Generally, I use Robert Parker’s advice for the bottles I’m looking to lay down and Wine Spectator for everything else.

by Teresa McDonald for The May 11th Pipeline (article re-posted here in its entirety due to space constraints. The "READ ON" or "READ MORE" option seems to work better for reducing scroll fatigue.)

Images from Gilda's Club Fundraiser at Flat Iron