Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday in Wicker Park

Though people say you learn something new everyday, I am not sure I do. Today, however, was different. Susan and Denise from the Wicker Park Garden Club (they were the dirty ones wearing knee pads, and pushing wheel barrows around the park while I sat on a bench like everyone else) assured me that Wandering Jews can be used in outdoor planters, and will survive - maybe even thrive, gasp!- in bright light.

For some reason I thought wandering jews were indoor plants only, and preferred indirect light. Maybe that's just me, as a Jew that stays indoors too much. I have also done no research on wandering jews, either, it's just what I thought, though I was pleased to see the velvety, purplish leaves of the WJ in the planters along with Purple Fountain Grass ("We call it Mayor Daley's grass," Denise said), whirlwind white fan flowers, limelight, aka licorice plant, and dark red Empress. And, no, I did not know all the names, they gave me handy sticks so I can learn more.

On the way back from the park, Cipollina was hosting a free gelato tasting, featuring Back Dog gelato. Ironically it was a black dog, pictured here, keeping me from trying the black dog gelato, as I did not want to tie her up to a meter in order to get in line to try the black dog gelato. Oh well, I like this black dog better than any gelato.

Also on the way back we encountered another plant- an Obama Chia pet. I had blogged about the Chia Pet on the Windy Citizen (, and thought they were all removed from shelves, but I guess this one made it out-- and into a local shop's window.

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