Monday, June 8, 2009

Market to Table

Today was the first day of the Wicker Park Farmer's Market.

I ran into this guy, and this is what we bought, along with what it turned into after a bit of time.

Sourdough bread from Highrise Bakery, $4.75

Shitake mushrooms from River Valley Kitchens, $6

Onions from Nichol's Farms, $3

The last of the venison, shot down somewhere in Michigan by a chef/hunter friend, free

About 1/10 of the bread was used, and 1/3rd of the shrooms, and onions, putting the two burger meal at around $3.50 total, or $1.75 per person.

The biggest splurges were the $6 Sunday NYT, not sold to us by a farmer, and the flowers from Garden Offerings, which were $5.

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