Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Art of Zsofia Otvos

The art of Zsofia Otvos can be seen in a variety of local spots, from Wisthoff Fitness to Bank of America, as well as a solo exhibition at the John Fluevog store on Milw., coming soon! Pictured is Zofia, who is also a makeup artist in addition to being a talented professional artist. Zsofia had a busy week this past week assisting with makeup on a movie shoot.  Note: Apologies on the angle, I haven't figured out video editing yet, just cock your head about 90-degrees. 


  1. Hey! Zsofie's a friend of mine. I totally missed that you interviewed her. She's Ric Walker's (ex) wife. Cool.

  2. Hey, cool! She is awesome, I bought four of her mini canvasses at the Gilda's Club show. Sorry, I am just now seeing this comment! I don't know how to set up alerts so I am alerted when there is a comment. If you have this alert thing, Joe, i shall see you at 365 on Tuesday at Strawdog- looking forward to it!