Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb Events at Kid's Rule

Free workshops for kids throughout February in Wicker Park at Kids Rule Toy Store!

Kids Rule Chicago

Saturday, February 18: Come plant with us!

For kids of all ages, even toddlers! 10AM- 5PM

Kids choose an indoor plant and use organic soil and coffee grounds to plant it in a recycled container. Learn how plants clean the air you breathe indoors. Kids can decorate their recycled pots and take their plant home. You bring your kids. We’ll bring the plants, the pots and the organic soil. We all bring the fun! Recycled containers donated by: Francesca’s Forno, Caribou Coffee, Native Foods

Monday, February 20: Trees, Trees, Trees! For kids of all ages

Nothing sucks the pollution out of our city air like a nice, healthy tree. Meet at Kids Rule and come out with us to learn how to take good care of the trees on your block. Did you know that just like people, trees get infections? Did you know trees need about 20 gallons of water a week? So much to learn, and we’ll share it all while we dig in the soil and make our city trees healthier and happier! This is offered at various times, so please RSVP if possible: 12pm, 1:30PM, 2:30PM, 3:30PM.

Saturday, February 25: Learn about alternative energy! Ages 8 +

This activity will be offered twice on Feb. 25th, 10am & 1pm. RSVP required due to limited space. To rsvp, email kidsrulechicago@gmail.com or call 773-227-7525 10am-8pm.

Learn about alternative energy by putting together a wind power kit. How do you generate electricity with wind? Find out by building a Thames & Kosmos wind power kit.

Saturday, February 25: Recycling is for the birds! Kids ages 2-100

Kids use recycled containers to make bird feeders they can take home. 10AM - 5PM!

Sunday, February 26: Come plant with us! For kids of all ages

** Planting activity same as Saturday, February 18! ** 10am-5pm.

For more info: kidsrulechicago.blogspot..com |facebook.com/KidsRuleChicago| Email kidsrulechicago@gmail.com | Tel: 773-227-7525


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