Monday, April 2, 2012

Dispatch from People Church Easter Egg Hunt

This past Saturday, hundreds of little ones (and adults) waited not so patiently for 1,000 Easter eggs to drop from a helicopter flying over A.N Pritzker School, 2009 N. Schiller.

Three of the 1,000 eggs contained prizes. Two of the three prizes went to a brother and sister, Ronin, and Remey, who combed the hay-covered field to discover the eggs containing fortune-cookie-sized slips redeemable for a Playstation and DS4.

Dennis Willis, whose mother, Sherryl, is a teacher at Pritzker, discovered the lucky egg containing a 52" Plasma screen TV.

Sherryl was very excited and reported that the prize will be the family's first flat screen television.

The gathering was sponsored by People Church, a congregation which rents out the Pritzker School auditorium on Wednesdays and Sundays. Audrey Carmona of People Church organized the hunt.


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