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Press Release for Sept. 11th Show at Sapere Art

Disclaimer: Apologies for simply cutting, and pasting a press release, but here goes...

Media Contact - Gary W. Marr/Owner Curator
Sapere Art/Intuitive Works
Flat Iron Arts Building
Studio 341
1579 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

RW Ruehlen to Open New Work at Sapere Art
"It's mysterious, it's a collection - think of it as a book" - that is all RW Ruehlen will say when asked to describe his next piece opening Sept 11 at Sapere Art/Intuitive Works at the Flat Iron Arts Building on North and Milwaukee. "I will add that the future is part of the art, as is the past, and the art will unfold over and over again spinning secrets and confessions locked deep inside the mass hypnosis, ", Ruehlen went on. He won't even tell us its name!

RW Ruehlen's works already on exhibit at Sapere Art do get your neurotransmitters going with a myriad of religious, sexual, technical and other connotations driven from his vast palette of color and symbology used - this one is going to be interesting, and if as half interesting as his previous pieces, a must see.
Sapere Art/Intuitive Works is new to the art scene. Gary W. Marr a corporate escapee from the hotel world, as well as artist, decided to open a gallery in the Flat Iron as well as his own studio. He has put together quite a collection of artists currently numbering 14 with a broad range of medium and genre - the word has it, and commented on from his 3,800 and growing list of fans on Facebook - is - it works.

Marr selected the Flat Iron Arts Building from amongst a great variety of locations possible. "I wanted the input of my own art from the other tenants of the building" Marr says, "I also expect that nowadays, people might wish to buy from sources closer to the artist than 'the high rent district'... I hope I'm right" he concluded. Let's see!

Other artists on exhibit in this salon style gallery - Joe Boudreau, Nancy Charak, Meghan Current, Eulalio Fabie deSilva, Brooks Golden, Mark Lace, Gary W. Marr, Jacqueline Patrice, Rograss, Cody Sanders, Diane Schroeder, Laura Slota, Ezra Siegel and Jon Neal Wallace
Opening - Sept 11, 2009 - 6PM-10PM and running Until October 1, 2009
Sapere Art/Intuitive Works
Studio 341
Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 N. Milwaukee (at Damen/North)
Chicago, IL 60622
How to Get There:
Blue Line to Damen Stop - walk one block to the Flat Iron Arts Building
Red Line to North/Clybourne. Take 72 Bus WEST to Milwaukee/Damen, walk one block to Flat Iron Arts Building
Additional Information
on RW Ruehlen -
on Sapere Art/Intuitive Works - http://www.SapereArt.Com or on Facebook at
Attached Image -Sample of Work - Higher Resolution Available on Request
Aquarian Kryst Pollinating on the Throne of Existence
2009 - RW Ruehlen, Acrylic on Canvas, 40" Wide x 54" High

Gary W. Marr
Sapere Art/Intuitive Works

To hear about us, take a gallery tour and see our artists and their work - Visit www.SapereArt.Com
Fan and join the fun on Facebook with over 3800 fans -
See what makes Gary tick -

Visit us at The Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 North Milwaukee
Studio 341
Chicago, IL 60622

or call 312.208.1504

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