Friday, March 12, 2010

another beautiful day

i have non-pipeline responsibilities tethering me to a desk this morning, but it is so beautiful outside! soon!

yesterday it took me eight hours to walk three blocks. the goal was to get to division street and it never happened.

among many 'newsbits' for the next issue, i popped by a lifestyle store which gives new meaning to "mi casa es tu casa," wherein everything in this home was attached to a price list, which i found interesting, alluring, and unsettling all at the same time, though in some ways this retail philosophy might be a bit like blogging aka opening oneself up through words.

in recent years, since an estate sale in 2007 which cured me of hardcore thrifting (after i welcomed mites into my home, skin, and furniture), i've refrained from buying old musty things, though this book- the art of negotiating, spotted inside the house-where-everything-was-for-sale, looked cool. and the basement was clean.

after inquiring i learned that the books were the only things not for sale. somehow i found this comforting. at least the owner of the house/store has some things he'd not sell. favorite books are not easy to part with.

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