Monday, March 29, 2010

If it's not Six Corners, What Is it?

Reader Tom B. wrote in after last week's issue where we mentioned the TV pilot filming at "Six Corners," which is how I've informally referred to the intersection of Milwaukee, Damen and North avenues. (Update: Using Lauren's suggestion I referred to it as 'The Intersection' in this week's issue.)

Any ideas of what to call it? M/D/N? MilDamNo?

Sure, you can use my words & even the following sentence. "Don't take this the wrong way, but it is obvious that these people were not raised in Chicago."

Here is the Wikipedia article (which I didn't write) to add some credibility to what I've stated:

Six Corners is a shopping district in the Portage Park neighborhood on Chicago's Northwest Side. The area's name is from the intersection of three streets -- Irving Park Road, Cicero Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue [1]. Its history as an urban center began in the 1840s, eventually becoming the largest commercial center in Chicago outside of the Loop [2]. ... Although the shopping district had fallen on hard times in recent years...


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On Mar 29, 2010 9:36 AM, Alisa Hauser wrote:

Thanks for letting me know. It seems like a lot of locals just call it six corners. I am not sure what else to call it? Can I include your comment in Reader mailbag?
Call me if you have a minute.


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FYI: 6 Corners is a specific Chicago neighborhood at Irving, Milwaukee & Cicero.


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On Mar 23, 2010 7:41 PM, Alisa wrote:


  1. I've heard it called that...there's even a bar on Milwaukee called 6 Corners. However, lately I've been referring to it simply as, "The Intersection." I like that best.

  2. "The Intersection," I love it! So simple. The Intersection it is. I'll credit you on that. Good point on the bar which is called 6 Corners.

  3. There are many, many six corner intersections in the city. It's silly to think that the phrase refers to any single one of them.

    The most consistent name I've seen for North/Milwaukee/Damen is "The Crotch." Google "the crotch chicago" and you'll find it used by several different publications.

  4. I've heard The Crotch many times, in the Chicago Reader fairly often... but I am crotch adverse, just not a fan of the term. :(

    And as for silly, I guess that's up to interpretation. It could be as silly as the Sept. 11th widow trying to trademark "Let's Roll."

  5. Wow, i just googled "crotch" and "wicker park" and it pulled up so much stuff. interesting.

    To Anon- do you think 'the crotch' has a negative connotation? like armpit? could the crotch be possibly misogynistic too? in literal terms it's slang for part of anatomy.

    maybe i'm over thinking this?

  6. I agree with a couple comments on here that it is most commonly referred to as the Crotch!