Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Marina, She Cleans Houses, Offices, Apts, etc.

We wrote a story about Marina a year or so ago, and it's somewhere in our e-newsletter archives, though it would take longer to locate it than it would to post a few new pics and words about Marina, who lives in Humboldt Park with her family and has been cleaning Bucktown and Wicker Park homes and apartments for five years, since she decided she preferred housecleaning to babysitting.

We met Marina a few years ago when her daughter, Alejandra, slid a business card under our door, as Marina was cleaning another unit in the building.

We admired the family's marketing chops, and enlisted their help in cleaning our apartment. We also referred Marina to another neighbor within the building who used Marina's services until he moved to a different neighborhood.

Marina has cleaned The Pipeline's apartment on numerous occasions. She charges $80 for approx. three hours. If you are someone very busy like we are, or if you just do not enjoy cleaning, it is well worth every penny. Marina always does a great job!

"By being on our own, we figured we could do better than working for someone else," said Alejandra, who books appointments for her mom and also assists in cleaning, along with her father. Call Alejandra at 773-877-9135 to book a cleaning, and get $5 off your first visit if you mention Pipeline!

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