Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Words, Images, and a Testamonial from Tobaccoville, Wicker Park's Newest Smoke Shop

Many thanks to Tobaccoville for being a new Pipeline sponsor!

In absence of a web page to direct folks to, since there isn't one just yet, we are adding a link to Tobaccoville on our new pipeline website, which will direct to this post.

DJ Yuris and Tony, two happy customers that we interviewed at Tobaccoville this past Thursday night, reported in this video clip they came all the way from Humboldt Park to shop at Tobaccoville, which is located at 1439 N. Milw., in the former Batteries Not Included space.

Tobaccoville offers cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, and more. The rates are already so low that we can't offer any discount through the pipeline, but if you like the pipeline, and you like to smoke tobacco, please check out Tobaccoville and mention you heard about the shop through the pipeline. Thanks!

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  1. i been in the store recently and omg it the store so much better looking than the pictures now. they have amaizing prizes and the service is great.. The cute short latin girl and the night guy are very nice people and really help you with any questions... as soon a you walk in you notice how the place has really outstanding prices.. in my words i will reccomend you to stop by one day and take a look around and check out the place... they are open every day and also always closes past midnight. and like i said the workers their are really friendly. i think they are merried and well its a really cute i wanna say mexican girl and a nice americsn guy.. when they are both in the store its nice because the both give you nice smiles that really make you feel welcome... P.S... thankyou tobaccosville for the great quality and great prices... :)