Friday, January 8, 2010

Adventures in Spacelifting

About four months ago I was at a silent auction hosted by the Wicker Women blog, and bid on a spacelifting session with Dina of Littlerock Renovation Coaching.

Spacelifting means making the most of the space you already have, and rearranging objects- furniture, art, books, plants, etc.- to create a better energy flow.

More on this in Tuesday's Pipeline, but for now I cannot express how much of a convert I am to spacelifting! Though I'd written a feature story on feng shui back in 1997 as a reporter for The Sun newspapers and shadowed a woman in Lemont as her home was revitalized by feng shui, I had never thought it was something that I could benefit from. My small apartment was in my somewhat stubborn opinion cozy as-is.

Now that Dina encouraged me to make better use of things like prints leftover from previous tenants, which were otherwise almost non-visible, pictured here behind Dina, and black & white photography by friends showcased in odd places like my bathroom ("If it's in your bathroom you only see it twice a day"), I am seeing as well as feeling the impact of these minor changes which together make a big difference.

Though I love all the changes, my favorite suggestion which Dina implemented was making use of a trunk which was purchased at a garage sale many years ago and holds sentimental value. The trunk now serves as a stand for my record collection. The counter was cleared of plants to create an actual eating area, and the kitchen table which was given to me by a friend that moved away a few months back is set in front of a window and holds plants instead of whatever junk I used to throw onto it.

It's amazing what just a little bit of rearranging can do!

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