Sunday, January 24, 2010

challenge yourself

This week I only had a day or so in which to take pictures.  Thankfully a few people submitted photos at my request, or allowed me to use their camera to take a picture of them, and then emailed the photo to me.  

Realizing my camera wasn't going to come back from the repair shop in time, I did end up purchasing a back-up. As for quality, while I don't consider myself to be a real photographer, I do see the difference between images shot on a $500 camera vs. one that costs $150. 

This was one of the first pictures I took with the spare while waiting at a red light near Damen and Fullerton.

A 'for lease' building with peeling paint, an inspiring billboard, a sky as gray as the tone of the day, somehow it all kind of felt like Chicago. And home. 


  1. Waiting at a red light near Damen and Fullerton... I think this area is where I've spent more time waiting on the red light than any other area at any other time in my entire life.

  2. It is a very long light! I think it's because of the fact Elston (or is it Diversey?) is there too and adds additional cross traffic.