Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meet Shay of Casa De Soul

For small business owners like Kennedy of Casa de Soul, finding a good person to join your team is crucial given that it's not as easy to blend in with the crowd if there's only a few of you working behind the scenes. 

Per Kennedy, Shay initially came into his store to stare at a leather shoulder bag on display. She popped in and out on a few other occasions to look at the bag, and even offered to work behind the counter in exchange for it.  

"Hiring is a weird thing for me," Kennedy said. "As a small shop, you want that organic fit. Sometimes a resume is great, but personality wise that person might not be a good fit."

As for the bag, after all that deliberation Shay, who has a background in fashion, decided it was too big. She did however get the job...  

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