Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Refelections on Immigrant Reform by Larry White

Our country has been named the "melting pot" because we are a nation of immigrants. The draw of the American Dream is undeniable. Our current president was easily elected in spite of his foreign sounding name and his father being a citizen of a foreign country. Even the Hollywood actors who claimed they would leave the USA when George Bush was elected never packed up and left.

No one can fault an illegal immigrant for wanting to come to America and no one can expect them to stop trying. We now have millions of people in our country that got here by a shortcut. They didn't follow the rules required to enter and took the spots of those who are following the proper protocol by "cutting" in front of everyone else who are patiently waiting.

The primary reason they have been able to cut in front of the line is because of our inept federal government. The same team that brought you the incompetent response to the Gulf oil spill last week and the hurricane Katrina relief effort has failed us in enforcement of our immigration laws. It should come as no surprise that many US citizens are skeptical about reform efforts that don't include efforts that exhibit a fundamental change in border enforcement before the issue of amnesty of illegal immigrants is addressed.

Enforcement of existing borders and visa laws for a reasonable period of time would go a long way toward assuring the opposition that a real commitment to orderly immigration is possible. Only then will the opposition begin to consider significant immigration reform.- LH

Larry White is a local business and property owner in the Chicago area.

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