Sunday, May 2, 2010

Images from Holy Trinity's Strawberry Social

The bad news is that by the time we arrived to the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral's Strawberry Social-- a few minutes before it closed at 1 PM-- there were no visible strawberries remaining. But there were Rice Krispie treats with flecks of strawberries in them!

More on this- and the reason for the festival/fundraiser- in tomorrow's Pipeline.


  1. Thanks for the interior photos, Alisa- I was in there before but it was during a service and I didn't want to sneak a pic!
    How about that chandelier, hunh?

  2. No prob, Dina, nobody was in there (outside of Tony) and he gave the green light.

    It is an amazing chandelier. I love the stained glass too. Thanks for mentioning the social on your Facebook page where I heard about it.

  3. oh, there's a small bullet hole in the ceiling too! :) i didn't take a picture of that, it was an accident at a wedding, yet another reason for people not to carry firearms