Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Dispatch from Birdhouse 2010 by Dina Petrakis

(note: To minimize scroll fatigue in The Pipeline, intended to be an e-newsletter presenting a snapshot of the week past and the week ahead, I sometimes host longer stories and images here in absence of having a functional web site. Many thanks to Dina for submitting this story as well as providing pics!)


by Dina Petrakis of Littlerock Renovation Coaching

Birdhouse 2010 was attended by a Wicker-Parkian variety of people, from Pritzker students and parents- to artists and architects; from teachers and Principal- to movers and shakers.

Birdhouses came from a similar diversity of contributors: artists, students, community members, and local businesses; and the range of design meant there was something for everyone. Hyacinth, Pritzker parent- and many others- coveted a finely crafted lam-wood shape named Papa (reminding many of Pac Man) by Dan Pohrte +Tiffany Nash. Sam Marts, Architect, favored the Flying Saucer Birdship by Lora Lode- made of recycled reflectors from an old stove. Lynn Warren, MCA Curator, liked Robin’s Egg, by John Henley and Peter Frederiksen.

The party was held on West Carroll at the studio of renowned Wesley Kimler, whose colossal paintings and high-ceilinged loft gave the perfect backdrop for festivities. Lively conversation abounded, stimulated by paintings in various stages of completion, live birds and puppy, a fantasy wonderland of play equipment, Wesley’s paints and tools, and the birdhouses themselves.

The party was kicked off by Pritzker students playing rock standards for the crowd, starting with Louie Louie. Great eats provided by Swim CafĂ© and an open bar sustained us, and an elevated address (figuratively and literally) from Wesley and his daughter entertained us as auction fever grew. Birdhouses were auctioned in lots starting at 9pm. It was a wonderful event- for partygoers, community, and school. Proceeds are to benefit Pritzker’s Campus Landscape Project. See you there next year- you won’t want to miss it!

By Dina Petrakis

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