Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aliens Over Wicker Park!

If my apartment weren't so sweltering, and Harris didn't need to smoke a cigarette outside, we would have never captured this footage of an unidentified flying object over Wicker Park.

Maybe I should install my window AC unit.

Quote of day, "I don't notice the heat when I am working/writing." Perhaps I will be one of those idiots who dies from the heat because I will forget to do something about it.

As for going to a cafe to work, while it's tempting, I am also yapping on the phone all day as I am writing too. In a perfect world, a so-called writer or hack could just write anything, and from anywhere, but we are in the midst of wrapping up participation in the upcoming booklet!

People keep asking me what the booklet will look like and who is in it. So, there's interviews with seven amazing people (check out what Dov Charney said in his interview; he made it onto on my 'wall of inspiration'), one cool community gardener, a neighborhood tweeter, over 40 display ads and 100 listings! The 84-100 page (depending on what we can afford) full-color booklet will hopefully be perfect-bound vs. saddle-stitched if we can swing it, and if more Printer's Angels magically appear outta the woodwork. There is space on our logo page for four more angels.

Back to work.

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