Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Week Past, The Week Ahead

Here is a link to the June 7 Pipeline.

I will continue to try to blog here as well as on the new pipeline website's companion wordpress blog, which feels so empty and foreign to me right now. Moving to a new space- real or virtual- is kind of scary in the beginning.

Virtual crumbs everywhere!!

Thanks for patience if anyone is reading this blog- actually I think a few of you do. My sister-in-law says she sees the pipeline through the streets blog, and not the email list, or the Twitter feed, or on Facebook. And I know Mindy reads it via streets too. So, for the two of you whom I know are reading the weekly pipeline through this blog from time to time, and any others, I will continue to post the weekly pipeline here but dedicating a bit more time to our website.

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