Monday, November 23, 2009

Art under $100?

That sounds reasonable, doesn't it?
Thanks to Jeff of the Coalition Gallery (a cooperative gallery of the Chicago Artists' Coalition) for sending news of this sale on. Please click on the poster to see a larger version of it, along with the names of the participating artists.

A neighborhood newcomer, though no stranger to the gallery world- the CAC was formerly housed out of the now closed Flat File gallery in the West Loop, led by kind folks who on at least two or three occasions, and not knowing me from a complete stranger other than maybe having sympathy for the plight of an ad space sales rep,  had allowed me to park in their parking lot whenever I visited a Middle Eastern restaurant across the street from them who I used to sell newspaper ads to, and who 
had no place for me to park. If anyone has ever tried to find parking in the West Loop, you know how difficult that can be, and how thankful I was! 


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