Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Two Graces

In this week's issue I focused on people, and what they're thankful for, though when I went into it I hadn't expected to hear such cool, and heartfelt responses. Frankly I couldn't think of a feature story topic, and figured with Thanksgiving approaching maybe I'll ask a few questions, kind of how when school children are asked to write about what they're thankful for, but instead pose the question to adults. 

I happened into a local restaurant almost entirely on accident today. More on why in Tuesday's issue, but for now here is another portrait of a thankful person, who coincidentally also owns and operates a business on Milwaukee Ave like Grace who I featured in this week's masthead. The person I met by chance today, pictured, is named Grace, is Korean like the other Grace, and also has a very unique story of thankfulness to share like Grace of Spin Cycle, though involving music instead of photography.  The two Graces don't know each other, and they are about six blocks away from each other. I gave the new Grace a printed copy of this week's issue featuring the other Grace, and she thought it was pretty funny, too. 

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