Friday, November 27, 2009

Not your average Black Friday

After consuming a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and then some, I decided I couldn't do the Black Friday Drill as most of America knows it. 

There were no 7 a.m lines. I awoke late, cancelled a Scrabble game with a friend due to "work" like the kind I create for myself each week, and set out to find unique objects and products a bit off the beaten path.  I also talked with the founder of an apparel company based in LA that chose to expand to Wicker Park five years ago.  I learned the 'why' behind his decision, which I'll share in Tuesday's 'Dispatches from Black Friday' story. 

Regarding this photo, which was snapped inside the shop of a relatively new local player to the Wicker Park antiques scene, if Santa had been packing a rifle, with a tuba on his back, and a beer in his hand, I doubt he would've been run over by a reindeer. That's all I'm saying. More on where I went and who else I spoke with and what I wished I could have purchased and what I did actually purchase in Tuesday's Pipeline.  

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