Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spider Photo Booth Recap

Thanks to Susan of the Wicker Park Advisory Council, volunteers, and Joshua aka Michael Jackson, pictured, who helped to set up, and take down the Spider Picture Booth's many bales of hay, and inflate the large spider. 

I had a blast photographing the kids, and their families in costumes, even if it meant being a bit kookier than usual in an attempt to elicit smiles. From meeting a sumu wrestler grandma, to pirates, lambs, monkeys, ladybugs, super heros, and a costume based on a Pixar movie character that took one local dad over 25 hours to build, in a process he self deprecatingly described as "masochistic," a fun time was had inside the open air booth, which was located on the grounds of the 'Monster Mash Dance Floor,' and near the Friends of Pritzker School sound booth. Pictured is Julie of Friends of Pritzker, working the controls. 

Between the 40 instant take-home Polaroids, the 30 or 40 shots taken using other people's cameras so the picture-taker could be in the picture, and maybe 40 portraits using my digital camera, over 100 photographs were taken in the 'Spider Picture Booth' during a four hour period. Thanks to Pat, pictured, incognito for the day in pink hair, for helping me out! Later on Pat hit up the District 14 Haunted House, and plans to write about it. 

In late Monday/early Tuesday's weekly Pipeline I'll include some of the shots, as well as a bit more background on the event, and a link to this Photobucket album of Boo-Palooza adventures, or at least the ones I witnessed from the Spider Booth, and from walking around the area before, and after the booth.  There was so much cool stuff going on, speaking of which, reporter Elaine Coorens, pictured, of the Wicker Park Bucktown Examiner, and the emerging Our Urban Times posted a story about the Collaboraction Troupe's Halloween Prowl, along with a recap of the day's festivities, and a slideshow. 

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