Sunday, November 29, 2009

Discounted Acupuncture this Saturday

This Saturday, I'm guessing in conjunction with the momentum of the annual Do Division Fest, there will be discounted acupuncture sessions at 1630 W. Division. Thanks to Stephanie of vive la femme for sending this release in. 

MEDIA ALERT -- Ferry Acupuncture Announces $50 Acupuncture Sessions
For Immediate Release

WHO:  Michelle Ferry of Ferry Acupuncture
WHEN:  Saturday, December 5th from 10a to 5p
WHERE:  1630 W. Division at Division Family Chiropractic
INFORMATION:  Michelle Ferry of Ferry Acupuncture is pleased to announce $50 acupuncture sessions as an introductory offer for new patients.  A Magna Cum Laude graudate from the the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with a Masters in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors in Nutrition, Ms. Ferry incorporates a range of holistic servcies and Chinese medicine modalities geared toward a creating natural state of vibrant health, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, cupping, guasha (muscle manipulation with a smooth tool), electro-stimulation, Tui Na (Chinese massage), moxibustion (heating of acupuncture points), topical liniments and ear seeds/magnets.
Ms. Ferry successful treats chronic and acute pain, allergies, anxiety, insomnia, and digestive disorders.  She has also had the honor of helping women conceive naturally or in combination with Western medical intervention (IVF/IUI).  Ms. Ferry explains, "My goal is to empower the patient to play an active role in his or her wellness.  I can give you the tools to become well, but only you can heal yourself."

A conerstone of Tradtional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture regulates the flow of qi (vital energy) to return the body to a state of balance by inserting hair-thin needles into specific "channels" or "meridians" on the body. It not only treats symptoms, but the root cause of illness as well.  Many people barely feel the needles as they are inserted. On some of the most powerfully active points, there may be a slight pinch, which subsides almost immediately. Once the needles are in, patients might notice a tingling or gentle sensation around the area that feels like water trickling. This is called “arrival of qi” and affirms the therapeutic effects of the acupuncture. Most people feel very relaxed during the treatment and energized afterwards. Acupuncture offers a gentle yet powerful option for people looking to address common problems such as asthma, fatigue, and smoking cessation.  
As single-sessions are usually between $75-$85, appointments for the introductory $50 acupuncture offer on December 5th are on a first-come, first-served basis; new patients should contact Ms. Ferry to make an appointment and address initial intake questions.  Payment in forms of cash, check, or charge are accepted, and patients are encouraged to contact their insurance companies to ask if acupuncture is covered under their plan.  People are also welcome to speak to Ms. Ferry about her menu of cost-effective acupuncture and wellness packages.  
Michelle Ferry, Licensed Acupucturist
1630 W Division
Chicago * 60622

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