Friday, April 2, 2010

Knife Wielding Offender Wanted in Robberies of Three Walgreens

Attached is an offender wanted for the robberies of 3 Walgreens Stores. The offender is a M/4 20-25 with scars or the back of both of his hands, possibly burn scars. The offender is also wearing black "Chuck Taylor" Converse gym Shoes.

The offender produced a knife in 2 of the robberies.

23 Mar 2010
HS-221407- 3110 W. Armitage (Strong Armed)
HS-221488-2744 N. California (Armed Robbery-Knife)

27 Mar 2010
HS-228285- 4745 W. Belmont-(Armed Robbery-Knife)

Contact Area RBT 312-746-8362 with any information.

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