Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three Garden Club Workshops on Sat. May 1st

Register Now - Reservations Required for Workshops - Pay at Door
Limited Enrollment - wpgarden@aol.com

Special Plant Sale Workshops - Held Saturday May 1
Wicker Park - 1425 N. Damen - Chicago

Saturday, May 1 - 10am - Noon - $15
Design Ornamental Flower or Attractive Herb Containers
Susan Fontana - Thinking Outside the Pot
Flowering Plants and Herbs Available at Plant Sale-Same Day
REGISTRATION REQUIRED: WPGarden@aol.com (773) 278-9075

If you missed last year’s sold out workshop, you have another opportunity to get inspired about the elements of container design: color, foliage, texture, and height. You can even learn to create an attractive ornamental yet totally edible vegetable container composition. Susan Fontana (Thinking Outside the Pot, Inc.), will lead a lively workshop with demonstrations on the art of container design and maintenance. Susan is known best for her superb container designs and unified multi-container compositions. You can learn to design several containers to work together. She will discuss location characteristics such as sunlight and wind for a wide variety of areas including yards, rooftops and balconies. She will address container choices such as material, size, shape, color and insulation for year round plantings. Bring your questions and experiences to share. Following the workshop, you can shop at the plant sale, discuss your specific interests and design ideas with Susan, and go home with plants for your own containers that will thrive throughout the summer and fall seasons.

Saturday, May 1 - 1PM - 2:30PM - $15
- Small Space Vegetable Gardening
Beth Botts - Senior Editor - Chicagoland Gardening Magazine
www.chicagolandgardening.com blog: www.growinginchicago.com
Vegetable and Heirloom Tomatoes Available at Plant Sale – Same Day Outside
REGISTRATION REQUIRED: WPGarden@aol.com (773) 278-9075 - Pay at Door

Don't miss the experience of tasting fresh flavorful vegetables that you grow yourself. Beth Botts will discuss how to grow vegetables in all types of containers, rotate them throughout the season, and how to get the best results from growing vegetables in your city gardens, on your decks, or incorporating them in your patio's designs. She will discuss soils and fertilizers and how to

grow vegetables organically if you choose to use those techniques. Beth Botts is a writer, speaker, consultant and Master Gardener who writes on gardening for the Chicago Tribune and is a senior editor at Chicagoland Gardening Magazine. Several of her stories have won awards from the Garden Writers Association. Raised by an organic gardener on the South Side, she now does her digging and weeding in Oak Park in the shade on the north side of a 4-story apartment building and grows tomatoes and salads on the 3rd-floor porch. Visit her blog: www.growinginchicago.com

Saturday, May 1 - 3PM-4:30PM - $15
DESIGNING WITH BOLD ACCENTS - Bulbs, Annuals, Vines, & Ground Covers
Add Variety at Low Cost - Try Seeds and Bulbs
Doug Wood - Wicker Park Garden Club – www.wpgarden.org
REGISTRATION REQUIRED: WPGarden@aol.com (773) 278-9075 - Pay at Door

Most gardens can use a bit more drama and bold statements within their overall structures. Also, in new gardens there are many 'holes' during the years you are waiting for the shrubs and perennials to fill in to these spaces. Doug Wood will discuss the incorporation of seasonal bulbs, ground covers and bold-structural annuals to bring accents and drama to your garden designs. Ground covers can act as excellent backdrops to help focus color and texture of feature plants. In addition, he will discuss a variety of annual seeds that you can plant directly into your garden in May and perennial vines that will extend your gardens vertically (focus on clematis types - with pruning tips). These additions to your garden designs will assist to extend your garden's interest throughout all four seasons.

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