Friday, June 18, 2010

Smarter, Not Harder

In the coming weeks I am going to attempt to play around with the format of The Pipeline, as well as to refine its business plan and establish a reoccurring funding base to support its existence.

Initially the focus was to promote as many small, independently owned businesses as possible, as the newsletter was initially a member newsletter for the local chamber of commerce, whom I still hope will continue to be part of the newsletter for the purpose of promoting the neighborhood's merchant community and foster awareness and participation in the local economy. I was inspired by the support and encouragement from the local chamber and its members, and it was that desire to take fun pictures and cover news at local shops which was the impetus for my wanderings.

Each day my mom forwards me the latest job leads, where she keeps seeing jobs for writers similar to what I do, yet for other hyper local news start-ups. Though these jobs seem tempting I cannot give up on the pipeline. Too many people tell me that they read the pipeline every week, or consult it for events, or found out about a new store they wouldn't have otherwise known about, or saw a photo of a friend in it, that I feel like it is important to keep it going. I love working on it.

As to how to keep it going I guess that's my problem to solve. In the meanwhile, if anyone reading this can exercise patience in sending me their events and happenings, that would be great. For the time being, paying sponsors who support the newsletter's existence are top priority, followed by other events and happenings that we just think are cool beans and interesting regardless of sponsorship, stuff like Learnapalooza and Movies in the Park and unique sales and concerts. We'll do our best to try to include everything that is sent in, so please keep on letting us know of your events too.

Okay, now off to wandering...

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