Sunday, June 13, 2010

Split Lip Rayfield at Metronome

The rain may have kept people away from the 2nd Annual Metronome Celebration in Logan Square this past Saturday, which is too bad given that the headliner band, Split Lip Rayfield, is one of those bands like Gogol Bordello which have a play-your-heart out energy that is best witnessed live.

After seeing Split Lip Rayfield at Empty Bottle a couple years ago I was determined to go out on Saturday, and was impatiently waiting for the rain to stop before meeting up with some friends. The $5 entry fee to Metronome was nice too. Shows like this will be my equivalent to festivals like Pitchfork and palooza which aren't in the cards this summer.

I don't know what the critics say about SLR, but I'd describe listening to them like being back in the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio hearing banjos on Friday night while studying at the Front Room, along with the energy of a punk band. Though there are three people in the band, I was clearly fixated on one-string bass/gastank player Jeff Eaton.

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