Monday, September 21, 2009

Bucktown 5K Parking/Towing ALERT


Oakley, Charleston, Hoyne, Wilmot, Churchill, St. Paul, Winchester, Cortland, Ashland, or Wabansia???

After having my trusty 1997 Ford Escort towed to the tune of $210 ($160 for towing; a $50 ticket from the city) before a neighborhood street festival in May (the only sign on the stretch of street I parked my car at in the dark was tacked to a VERY leafy tree, and obscured, see picture), I am determined to not allow a similar misfortune happen to anyone else in the neighborhood. The economy certainly sucks right now, and parking violations are to be avoided. Please spread the word of the no parking pre 5K race to every local you know! Let No Car Be Towed! In POSITIVE news, it should be an awesome event, and it will benefit Gilda's Club, the Bucktown Community Organization, and Burr Elementary School, all great, community/people focused groups. Let's just make sure that the 5K will not benefit the City of Chicago's Dept. of Revenue, too! There are now four teams able to administer tickets, and special events no doubt are the easiest of targets. Best Buy/Kohl's will provide free shuttling to, and from their parking garage to any displaced vehicles. See www.bucktown5k/neighbors for more information.

The Bucktown 5K will take place on Sunday, Oct. 4th. FIFTEEN STREETS will be no-parking zones from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack's office is working hard to get the word out to prevent mishaps like in past years when many residents, including Waguespack if I recall correctly, got their cars towed due to lack of adequate signage.

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