Monday, September 28, 2009

Upcoming Garden Club Lectures

Saturday, October 3 - 10am-12 noon - $15
Wicker Park Field House - 1425 N. Damen, Chicago
Reservations: (773) 278-9075

Container Design for Fall and Winter
Susan Fontana
Thinking Outside the Pot
With the arrival of fall and the variable weather that comes with it - it is often difficult to keep your containers looking great at all times. In this workshop, Susan will give you ideas how to choose plants, dried grasses and flowers, and other materials that will work together to keep your containers looking colorful, exciting and healthy through the season. Please bring with you questions that will help you design the containers that you have at home - think what shape, size and color they are in determining the final design for your containers.

Monday, October 5 - 7-8:30 PM -Free - Donations Accepted
Wicker Park Field House - 1425 N. Damen, Chicago
Reservations: (773) 278-9075 (Pay at Door)

Native Landscapes - Created - Conserved - Evolved
An Historic & Philosophic Overview of Selected Designers
Wicker Park 2009-10 Lecture Series Introduction
Doug Wood

From the research he did in designing this series, Doug Wood will give a survey of the landscape designers who created either 'natural' or 'native' landscapes, their philosophies, and what may have influenced them to choose the 'natural' or 'native' approach to design. He will then focus on early 'natural landscape' designers: Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, Gertrude Jekyll, William Robinson. Critiques of the native designer's work and philosophies will be reviewed including a discussion of the publications by Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn. He will give an overview of the speakers for the series and pose the questions that we are attempting to answer together in this series. What can we bring from a study of these designers to our current landscape designs that are influenced by our knowledge of global warming and the need to conserve natural resources and yet - create what we consider to be a sustainable, functional and 'beautiful ' landscape.

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