Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Patient: 45% Off Coupon

Chicago Conservative Care is located at North, and Wolcott, in the spot where Gabriella Shoes used to be. The office is very clean, bright, and airy. Dr. Otylia, pictured here with a Thera-Band, is a neighborhood local able to walk to her job. Otylia is trilingual (English, Polish, Spanish), and works with a wide variety of patients, from car crash victims, to marathoners, and pregnant woman with lower back pain. The name "Conservative" stems from the fact that all possible noninvasive therapies will be used rather than escalating to other options too soon, though in some cases surgery is necessary. Jennifer Bisbing of the Wicker Women blog recently snapped a shot of Otylia, too.

Having trouble reading the coupon? Please click on it to enlarge.

** Chicago Conservative Care is not a Pipeline eNewsletter sponsor, though time permitting I post press releases, and the occasional coupon relating to Wicker Park Bucktown if it is for savings at an independently owned shop, or business, or for a community organization. If myself or Pat cannot cover your event, or expand on it within the frame of the weekly eNewsletter, I will link to your press release or coupon, which is hosted here. In absence of figuring out how to create a web site, this is my round-a-bout way of dealing with the promotion aspect of The Pipeline's mission. It's a tough economy out there, and by sharing news, coupons, and savings, I am hoping more dollars will flow back into the neighborhood. For more information on this philosophy, please visit the Gangs of the New Economy Facebook page, and join the gang if you are so inclined.

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