Monday, September 14, 2009

Trees of Bucktown

About a dozen people participated in a tree tour yesterday, led by naturalist Janet Mrowka, pictured, of the Bucktown Community Organization, whom used living examples combined with facts, and anecdotal asides to provide a truly informative, and fun experience.

We learned 1) Which tree bears fruit that Janet believes tastes better than cheeries
(serviceberry), 2) The tree who's bark, and leaves provided a precursor to modern day aspirin (salix willow), 3) The tree that is the bees knees for architects because of its dappled light and aesthetic beauty (honey locust), 4) Which tree seems to be planted in a lot of graveyards (catalpa), 5) Which tree's leaves are great for pressing (gingko) and 6) The difference between an unhealthy shingle oak, and a healthy shingle oak. Click here to view the album, along with captions.

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