Saturday, September 26, 2009

St. Aloysius, Charles Wicker Statues Vandalized

Sometime within the past week, vandals removed St. Aloysius's left hand. The statue of the saint reigns over a small garden flanked by two benches. St. Aloysius is a neighborhood church with roots that go back as far as 125 years. Though Saint Aloysius lived a short life, and succumbed to the plague at age 32, he is known as the Patron of Catholic Youth, per this article on

In addition to St. Aloysius, vandals removed Charles Gustavus Wicker from his base, and caused considerable damage. The statue of Charles Wicker is being assessed by an expert in sculpture restoration. The plan is to restore, and return Charles Wicker to the park that bears his name, per a Chicago Park District representative, though no word yet on when. For now there's an empty pedestal.

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  1. Update- The Wicker family will be repairing the statue of their ancestor, Charles, and returning him to his park! No word yet on St. Aloysius's hand.