Monday, September 14, 2009

Division Street ETC.

Beer and Wine are now being served at Milk, and Honey at 1920 W. Division.
Flip flops are 50% off at Pour Vous at 1750 W. Division.
Noir at 1726 W. Division is looking for part-time help.
There are two different ways of saying "Love Hurts" via Alliance Bakery at 1736 W. Division, and at Thr3ee at 1632 W. Division, the latter of which I did not photograph.
A pretty-in-pink painted squirrel in the window of Anastasia Chatzka's boutique will always look cuter, and less scary than this video of a real squirrel devouring an apple spotted near Division, and Paulina.
There's also a soul food restaurant preparing to open soon on Division, and, per its sign, it could use some employees.
The flowers are from Milk, and Honey's outdoor patio.
And, last but not least, an image of an artist from Seattle whom participated in a live in-window installation at the Renegade store this past weekend. Learn more at

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