Monday, July 5, 2010

Beauty & Guns: New work by Florian Retkowski

Florian seemed happy that I'd included the photo of him and his patriotic snail in last week's issue-- we spent a good five minutes in his studio, room 311 of the Flat Iron Building, waiting for the Pipeline to load on his trusty yet slow computer- that I decided to feature him again in Wednesday's post holiday issue so he can experience more issues loading the next one.

A longtime Flat Iron resident sculptor specializing in miniature ceramics, and well known around the neighborhood, Florian recently departed from animals and aliens and appears to be sculpting humans.

The model used for Beauty & Guns is an Iowan named Patricia.

If you are trying to guess as to what Florian's feelings are on the Second Amendment based on his art, he says that he supports a citizen's right to bear arms for protection.

"The government has a weapon- it's the government, and the people should be able to have weapons too," Florian explained this past week. If you can't tell by his hat, he also supports the White Sox.

The Beauty & Guns pieces are $80 each. The insect reliefs are $8 each and he still has a few remaining. The M-16 piece is not yet complete but he allowed me to shoot a picture of the gray mother mold.

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