Saturday, July 10, 2010

Images from Miss Wicker Park Warmup at Debonair Social Club

A fun time was had by all at last night's Miss Wicker Park pageant warm up party at the Debonair Social Club.

Eight of the 10 finalists were able to come out to the party. Miss Erin Rembert made the Top 10 (yay!!) but was not able to come out to the warm up, which included mingling, drinks courtesy of pageant founder Rich Seng, and some practice Q&A on the debonair club's dance stage.

Of particular note is Miss Chainsaw Cathy, a Roller Derby Girl who was added to the Top 10 at the last minute due to another contestant backing out. The thing I found interesting about Chainsaw Cathy is that as of last night she has no idea what her talent will be for the talent portion of the pageant, which is happening this Monday night at the Double Door.

In addition to Miss CC who doesn't know yet what she'll be doing, Miss Neotoma will be doing circus tricks... Miss Sassy Pants will crack jokes in a few minutes of Stand Up Comedy.... Miss Erin Rembert will showcase a vaudeville burlesque routine....

In Tuesday's Pipeline we'll include coverage of the pageant as well as lots of other neighborhood news as is the usual drill. The fact I have a an early and daylong professional commitment unrelated to The Pipeline on Tuesday post pageant should mean that the coverage will be brief. I'm getting too old for all nighters.

This Tuesday is The Pipeline's One Year Anniversary, which I'm actually kind of excited about when I take a pause to think how fast this past year flew by! Maybe there's no better way to welcome in the year milestone than working hard on the next issue. This is the first issue from July 13 2009 after changing names from Street Scene, and this is the most recent issue from last week, or July 7 2010. Yikes, running late, now off to the garden walk!


  1. Thanks for doing this!!!! I'm glad you were able to make it and hopefully I'll see you on Monday night! Have a super weekend and thanks again for the pictures :)

  2. Fantastic!!!

  3. No prob! It's not every week that there is a beauty pageant in Wicker Park, thus it is fun to cover!! Have a super weekend as well and see you Monday!