Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What ever happened to Arman?

A reader wrote in and wanted to know what had happened to a longtime local car repair dealership, specializing in imports. She'd sweetly written something like "If anyone can find out, it's you."

Pictured is one of two "rolodexes" I consulted, and yes I did find an answer last week, with the help of another local business owner who did some reporting and found the answer. I am looking forward to crediting him!

In the "new economy," social capital seems just as important as financial, and more importantly, longer lasting and more enduring, or at least that's what I tell myself when I wonder whether I'm on the right track or out in left field. I can't explain what I do and find comfort in the fact that I'm doing it. Busy is good.


  1. What did happen? Arman was good to us.

  2. hey, sorry for delay, just seeing this. he went back to Greece and you are not alone in your sentiments. many owners of imports miss him