Saturday, February 5, 2011

Correction to Pipeline: Out O' the Woodwork is TONIGHT (Sat) Feb.

Sometimes you learn things the hard way, and yesterday, after being up early doing pipeline work, then working, and walking to Uncle Fun after work (immediate cheer up!), and then walking through Lakeview, about a three mile walk in the snow, and finally collapsing into a cab, I went to the Out O' the Woodwork Opening at OhNo!Doom Gallery.

There were only two people there, OND collaborative members Max and Oscar, and the gallery was suspiciously empty. There was also a ladder and some walls only half hung with art.

Yep, I am the idiot who trusts her own e-newsletter and shows up on the wrong night.

I made a typo.

The show is tonight, not yesterday.

Here's a few pics, featuring art from the show. I do not know how to do captions on blogspot, thus apologies for not labeling who did what.

One benefit of showing up tonight, vs. last night, per Oscar, is Free Beer.

On the walk home from the wrong-night-show I popped by another gallery, a pop-up studio space which was a pleasant surprise since I did not know it was there. Artist Cleveland Dean spoke with me briefly about one of his pieces, a Craigslist salvaged toilet full of crumpled Illinois law book papers. More on Cleveland Dean in the next pipeline. And maybe some pics from OND's show tonight. As for First Fridays at Flat Iron, I was just too tired and went home to crash. I think I'm too old for Friday nights.

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