Monday, February 14, 2011

Tips for staging your home by Eva Bergant

(Note: Due to a meaty issue this week, we are doing more 'read more' to prevent scroll fatigue. I am actually still at work and have not even gone home yet to see the images that Phlash uploaded. Tomorrow, Dika is covering state of the wards at Feast. The following is excerpted from the weekly 'Spaces' column by Eva Bergant of @properties)

Here are just a few easy and inexpensive tips for staging your home.

A few of the easy and inexpensive tips are:

Clean and shine everything. Add lamps that bounce light off the ceilings. Use light curtains open to the clean windows.

· Put away personal items while removing clutter and out of season items from the closets and rooms.

· Use colorful accessories such as pillows, vases, and rugs. Keep the background more neutral so the buyer can see the space and how they will occupy it.

· Arrange furniture for easy traffic flow and obvious uses. Avoid blocking doorways and using rugs that trip.

· Keep kitchen counters clean and clear of all items, including the front of the refrigerator.

· Get new matching towels, bathmat and shower curtain. Put away your personal items. Shine and clean every bathroom surface.

· Display fresh flowers that complement your color scheme.

· Treat your outdoor space as a room in the home with its’ own d├ęcor.

· Make the home inviting to buyers and give them enough space to see themselves living there.


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