Monday, February 14, 2011

Phlash Goes Snowboarding, to Car Show

Yikes, it's 10:30PM and I just woke up Phlash. This might be what having three children does to a person. Either way, it's late, but I needed a refresher on where these snowboarding images were snapped.

Phlash popped by Algonquin's Raging Buffalo, a snowboard ski park and school this past weekend.

Another thing that did not come through over email is Phlash's Rahm Emanuel endorsement which will be a personal one reflecting Phlash's views only.

I hope he can re-email it tomorrow and that his daughter will assist him with the computer. Maggie has apparently got her own digital camera now and is crossing paths with her father too. I think I see her in some of the images, snapping away from another angle.

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