Monday, February 21, 2011

What Does Rahm's Body Language Say?

Today, as I took the bus to work, Phlash told me that he met Rahm over this past weekend.

While I could write about his reaction to Rahm, I do not want to give too much attention to a politician. Not during election season, speaking of which there is a big election tomorrow, which, by the time I send this email out, will probably be today.

Remember to type in your address and name and see if you are in active status, and where you can vote. If you have had a new name since the last election, bring, I'm guessing, your social security card. I wish I had time to look that up, but I have miles to go until Pat proofs the next issue, and I must start getting more sleep more often. Weekend sleep hours cannot be carried over into the workweek, though that would be fantastic.

Oh, back to the tag-line of this blog. Why is Rahm's left fist clenched so tight in both of these photos? An open palm on one hand, and a clenched palm on the other. Is this one way to restore order in our city? Or a leader of hard knocks and clocks? Is it common to clench one's fist while standing? I guess I need to do a bit more research on fist clenching and how it applies to body language in political candidates. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

OK, back to the other 90% of the Pipeline that is not Rahm. This week we introduce readers to Ron Baltierra, a candidate for First Ward Alderman who was somewhat under the radar, at least to me, until Phlash encountered Baltierra in an alley and snapped a few pics that I'm about to look at next.

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