Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Year, New Digs for Atomic Sketch

I'd first heard about Atomic Sketch, a monthly 'Drink N' Draw," from Kelly D. Pelka, an artist and youth art teacher with a studio in Oak Park.

Though it took me awhile to finally venture into a bar to cover something, when I did, back in September, it was obvious that Atomic Sketch is one of those gatherings which can draw a good crowd, and for good reasons.

Artists do a little drinking. And a lot of sketching. As they finish a piece, they tape it up to a wall, usually with a price-tag of $5 or $10, not to exceed $50.

The art then gets snapped up. 100% of the commission goes to the artist.

Three curators, including Brian who also works at D/Vision and always wears cool eyeglasses, manage the sales.

Held on the last Thursday of every month, the event recently moved from the evilOlive to the Green Eye Lounge, which is not too trendy, not too far away, and along my way home from daytime paycheck excitement. I think that's another way of saying win-win-win, to use CubeSpeak. In the next Pipeline (because we decided that it was too Sesame Street to have a thematic Alphabet letter guiding the issue, like "M" is for Magic), we are going to turn a spotlight on the color green, as well as under-the-radar people, places, and things. Thus, Atomic Sketch and the Green Eye will fit right in!

Following are a few images. The guy drawing in the v-neck sweater is John Ashton Golden.

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