Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Trends Forecast

Though the jobless rate has decreased to 9.7%, mainly because the government is in the process of hiring more U.S. census workers than ever before, there still exists a sense of fear and uncertainty among most Americans who aren't lying to themselves. 

At least a few months back, and maybe because my grandfather worked at a dealership for decades, or because I had a lot of car dealership advertising customers at one point, I was slightly offended by a Tribune columnist who decided the world would be better without car dealers.  Hmm, really? 

Automotive advertising essentially supports traditional newspapers. Or, it did. 

It used to be there'd be a car dealership on every corner. Perhaps it was a sign of too much prosperity, a 2-ton gilded age of guzzling gas that in addition to providing cars, and subsidizing the work of journalists through advertising in newspapers, many dealership channels established a direct 'pipeline' to charities and helped to sponsor community programs and athletic teams. 

In light of this communication pipeline breaking down, will community banks become the new car dealers, because they have money - our money- to give back to the neighborhoods that they serve? 

In other predictions, the transit system will become even more overcrowded and there will be more walking and more bicycling, or more people telecommuting or showing up late to work. An hour-and-a-half commute walking, or cramped on a crowded bus and a train? I'll take the walking. 

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