Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shameless Self (out-of-hood) Promotion

Like most of the work-related calls that I used to make, it was a cold call which brought me to the Second City Training Center. I was attempting to see if SCTC would like to purchase banner ads on the "" site, since education was my preferred "vertical."  

Though it was a no-go on the banners, I called back a few minutes later, this time with a credit card. I hadn't planned to, but I found myself registering for Intro to Sketch Writing.  

Three weeks later I lost my sales job,
 on what CNN called "Bloody Monday."  If I'd lost my job before being in level one, I would have never registered, because I would have been too panicky about finding a new job, and wouldn't have been able to justify the expense. 

It was difficult to stop after level one. There's something about having weekly sketch assignments-- outside of the writing I do for The Pipeline- that I look forward to each week. 
I like the structure of having homework. The seeing-it-all-on-stage part in the form of a revue written by myself and seven fellow classmates will be the icing on the proverbial cake. I'm very excited as well as nervous for the show's opening, but I suspect that I like cake more than icing, or the "journey rather than the destination," which might explain why I'm okay with the fact I might not ever arrive at anywhere concrete, professionally or personally or whatever. I used to beat myself up over this, but I've come to terms with driftlessness and on good days can see the courage in it. On bad days I see the fool.  

Songwriting starts this Saturday... It will keep me from covering any neighborhood events for The Pipeline on Saturdays, since if I didn't have class I'd probably delve deeper into the newsletter writing abyss.

Pictured are cast members at work during Wait! It Gets Better's final rehearsal, as well as my writing classmates. I am on the floor taking their picture.  Our instructor Joe Janes is out in the hallway.  Prone to nostalgia, I am already missing everyone. It's been a fun year. 

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