Friday, February 5, 2010

"Edit Ignored Friends?"

Is it just me, or does this language seem very harsh? When stripped of its function, which is enabling a person to ignore select friends, the meaning of the phrase denotes cruelty even if it does mimic human behavior. 

If someone is someone you want to ignore, or perhaps a better word being don't have enough time to get to know, you simply 'de-friend' them because it's a good idea to give attention and energies to those you consider to be a true friend, and let other relationships exist in the in-between world of acquaintance-ship, or business relations.  That's a truthful way of doing it vs. creating a complicated hierarchy of virtual relationships that you want to edit partially or entirely out of your life.  Why has Facebook turned us into fourth graders? What's next, a rating system? 

Whatever happened to the simplicity of "friend or foe," and a world where you had less choices in terms of circles you could be part of, yet more assurances?  Today it seems like if we decide to opt-into virtual and social networking we give ourselves the burden of having to establish a structure of community within that framework, or in other words some semblance of a reality. 

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