Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A bit of materialism... Yes, I love my camera!!

Truth be told, I wasn't very happy with the image quality in last week's Pipeline because I was using a small spare camera after the button on my nicer camera broke off and disappeared.
Yesterday's issue included pictures taken on the now repaired camera which sports a shiny new shutter button, for which a chunk of the repair was paid for with free tarot night tips, which makes me very thankful.
Whenever I think about quitting the free tarot night gig I am reminded that the hourly wage paid by the caffe and the tips are more $ than I receive for working so many hours on the e-newsletter, which I guess is kind of fitting considering the state of journalism in general. 

Is it okay to love an object so much? In thinking about all the things I don't own- a working TV, a PDA/iPhone, a laptop, a toaster, a microwave, a laundry machine, etc.-- I guess a camera ranks high on the "stuff I use on a regular basis" scale. 

As for the man who fixed the camera, he was recommended to me by a local camera center that said Chicago Camera Specialists at 5 S. Wabash would be cheaper than going through the manufacturer (my 2-year warranty expired) as well as faster.  The advice proved true. 

I wrote down the owner's name somewhere, but lost it. His business card if I recall correctly- not in front of me at the moment- had no name on it and no website, just a little map on the back. I was so happy that I had to take a picture of him when I picked up my camera last week. The tiny office where Chicago Camera Specialists is located is on the 10th floor of a very old building in the heart of the jeweler's row district, and is worth a visit just to check out its interior.  It feels like one of those places that time hasn't touched. 

Here's George Carlin talking about "stuff."  


  1. I LOVE the George Carlin STUFF bit! It's the best and so true!

  2. Agreed!! He was amazing. R.i.P.