Friday, February 5, 2010

The Day in Pictures, and Some Plush Poo

Normally I don't do much "pre-stalking" of new businesses outside of mentioning in The Pipeline that they are to open, but in the case of OhNo!Doom at 1800 N. Milw. I walk by its storefront quite often. Initially I noticed that the shady sign sales company which never had anyone who appeared to be working inside of it was gone, replaced by a depressing and all-too-common Vacant Space. Shortly after that I became intrigued by a window decal announcing that OhNo!Doom would be coming soon.

I liked the fact that OhNo!Doom a) Uses an exclamation point in its name! and b) Was moving into a newly revitalized stretch of Milw. which in just the past four years has welcomed a tea cafe (Tea Essense), a theatre (gorillatango), a video store (odd obsession), a music place for kids (bucktown music), a butcher (sterling goss), a wine shop, (red & white), an art studio (easel), and a yoga place (echo).

Yesterday I received a warm and exclamation-mark heavy email from doom communications crew leader, Lana Crooks, and I welcomed the chance to pop by and meet her as well as the five other folks (Andrew Thompson, Joseph Call, Oscar Alatorre, Jordan Owen, and Max Bare) behind OhNo!Doom. All of the said doomers are talented in different yet complementing disciplines like animation and plush stuff and visual art and painting.

Prior to visiting OhNo!Doom I was at the sneak preview for the Flat Iron's "Now You See It, Now You Don't" exhibit, and before that I popped by a book signing at p.45 on Damen.

The "Body Mates" photo is from that walk.... The smiling woman is novelist Delphine Pontvieux, author of ETA, Estimated Time of Arrest... The canary cage art on the walls is just one of many interconnected panels which will debut tonight over at the Flat Iron and be white-washed over by 10 PM, perhaps proving that art really is about the process and not necessarily the destination or permanency... The other images were snapped inside of OhNo!Doom.

(And, if I may offer a two-cents/two-word take on the budget-friendly $5 plush poo by Lana Crooks:
"Oh, yes!")

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