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A book on online dating, author visits Bucktown cafe

As a tie-in to phase two of the three-part Valentine's Day series, "Aly" met an author this past week at caffe de luca's free tarot night.  Her name is GeVonna. She is pictured. Below is a press release for her book. 

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January 26, 2010                                                   GeVonna, Author of “Busted: Cyberstyle”

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New Book Shares How to Avoid the Snares and Traps of Online Dating… And How to Set a Few of Your Own


“Busted: Cyberstyle” Reveals Insider Tips for Dating in Cyberspace Just in Time for Valentine’s Day; Now Available on


CHICAGO, Ill. – According to news reports, an estimated 30 million people logged in to dating sites in 2009 to search for a love connection. While the Internet dating industry boasts its fair share of success stories, cyber dating is not without its snares and traps. And singles who turn to dating sites around holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, are often the most vulnerable.


To help women avoid common online dating disasters, GeVonna, author of “Busted: Cyberstyle…An Undercover Approach to Online Dating” is sharing tips from her new book on how to avoid losing in the online dating game. Her book, now available on, shares the intimate details of her real life online dating experiences, which serve as a road map for women looking for love online on the heels of New Year’s Eve and in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Each account reveals the complex landscape of dating sites and the sharp curves and dead ends that women should be aware of before they venture in.


“So many women make New Year’s resolutions to find love and then just weeks later, Valentine’s Day arrives and they're still alone,” said GeVonna. “That dynamic often pushes them toward joining online dating sites to expedite their journey toward a relationship, or causes them to use poor judgment if they’re already registered on a dating site. It’s at that point that they are likely to fall prey to the games people play online, and instead of finding themselves on the fast track to love, they find themselves on the fast track to heartbreak.”


In 1997, after a broken engagement, GeVonna tried online dating for the first time.  Since then, sites like,,, and most recently, have become her primary method for meeting eligible bachelors. In the process, she’s gained tremendous insights into the pros and cons of online dating and the behaviors and red flags women should be aware of.


In her book, GeVonna shares her  insights on everything from how to set traps instead of getting caught in them to strategies on how to distinguish the real men from the players. Ideal for both cyber dating veterans and newbies alike, “Busted: Cyberstyle…An Undercover Approach to Online Dating” is the ultimate playbook for women who want to master the online dating game.


GeVonna’s book is packed with pearls of wisdom gleaned from her interactions with dozens of male suitors she’s met online. According to the online dating diva, it’s imperative for women to:


  • Establish guidelines for yourself in order to help make the best use of your time, which can include only responding to messages, rather than winks and flirts.
  • Create cheat sheets to keep tabs on the men you’re most interested in and the conversations you’ve had.
  • Before going on a date with a guy you’ve met online, email your girlfriend his photo and contact information.
  • Do your homework. Cleverly use phantom and reconnaissance profiles to determine if a guy is sincere or if he’s playing the field.
  • And most importantly, if you’re setting a trap, don’t get busted.


“A lot of women fail to realize that while online dating may be more convenient than having to go out and meet people, it still  comes with its own set of challenges, and it’s important that you’re prepared,” said GeVonna. “The key is to remain in control, have fun and don’t take rejection personality. Have faith that you’ll find ‘him’ online or offline, and enjoy every step of the journey until you do.”


Visit today to purchase “Busted: Cyberstyle Busted: Cyberstyle…An Undercover Approach to Online Dating.” The book retails for $14.95 and ships within 24 hours. For more information about Gevonna, visit Join her mailing list and receive her online dating safety tips, free of charge.


Gevonna is available for broadcast and print interviews on the topics of her book, online dating, relationships and more. To schedule an interview, contact Gevonna (404) 257-2577 or


About GeVonna:


Originally from Chicago, GeVonna is a former media personality, actress, informational speaker and the author of “Busted: Cyberstyle.” She has appeared in commercials and independent films, and is currently working on several projects, including her next infotainment piece, “From Fired to Fired Up” and “Just a Pew Away,” a film based on her book. GeVonna is a graduate of the University of Kansas, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism. For more information or to contact GeVonna, visit



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